My girlfriend is ten years older than me – is it wrong to continue dating her? | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend is 27 and I’m a guy of 17. I didn’t realise she was so much older than me – she really doesn’t look it.

I work at a garden centre on a Saturday and she works full-time in the on-site cafe.

She seemed really nice and recently we went out for a bowling night with a big group of us.

She was on my team and we got along so well, giving one another high-fives when we hit a strike.

We won, and she suggested we go for a celebratory drink afterwards.

We met up the following week.

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She asked me why I didn’t drink and I said I didn’t like beer or wine but she then realised I wasn’t old enough to buy alcohol.

We got close and started kissing but when she told me she was 27, I almost spat out my drink.

We haven’t let age stop us though. I need her and she needs me.

Is it OK to keep seeing her?

DEIDRE SAYS:  You are over the age of consent, so as long as you feel comfortable, yes it is fine for you to continue seeing her.

You are at different life stages at the moment but if you get along well, and she wants to be with you, there is nothing to stop you from being together.

As you get older, the gap will feel like it is shrinking if you have the same outlook.

My support pack Age Gaps – Do They Matter? explains more.


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