Iris Is a New Fine-Dining Experience in the Middle of a Norwegian Fjord

Iris is unlike most restaurants in the world. Located in the the Norwegian town of Rosendal, the only way to get to the eatery, which looks like a futuristic spaceship, is by ferry. Marketed as “Expedition Dining,” the first stop in the journey takes you to Chef Anika Madsen’s boathouse on the island of Snilstveitø for appetizers, before arriving in the middle of the fjord at the Salmon Eye art installation — a cultural center dedicated to spotlighting sustainable seafood practices.

When arriving at Iris, visitors are first shown a video spotlighting the threats to the global food system, before being escorted to the underwater culinary experience. While there is no set menu, each ingredient in the 18-course meal reads like a story. “A story about the challenges and threats to the global food system,” noted Iris, “but also with ideas and suggestions for future innovations, that can help bring us closer to solving them.”

The 2022 comedy-horror film, The Menu, naturally comes to mind, when thinking of an unusual, and highly secluded dining experience like Iris. However, according to Norwegian opera singer Mari Eriksmoen, she’d been to many Michelin restaurants over the years, but never “anything like this,” hailing it as the “most extraordinary restaurant experience” of her life so far.

As would be expected for a restaurant like this, Iris is not cheap and will cost roughly $300 USD per person. Please visit Iris’ website for more information on how to book a reservation.

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