Russell Brand Denies Allegations of Rape Ahead of Explosive Exposé

Russell brand

Russell Brand got ahead of explosive allegations against him — including claims of rape — before they hit the news … taking to his own channel to vehemently deny wrongdoing.

The comedian-actor turned podcaster hopped on YouTube and Twitter Friday night with a video addressing what he said was a couple different stories that were set to be released … which detailed allegations made by women, some of whom say he’d abused them.

The two pieces were published Saturday — it was a collab between The Times (UK) and Channel 4 … and their reporting appears to be extensive with a year-long investigation.

A total of at least 5 women have gone on the record to detail disturbing stories that they claim occurred between them and Russell from 2006 to 2013 — when RB was at the peak of his fame in Hollywood. They range from outright rape and sexual assault to abuse … as well as claims of controlling/threatening behavior. One woman, who stayed anonymous, alleged her toxic interactions with Russell started while she was underage … at just 16 years old.

In anticipation of the pieces being ran, Russell talked to his audience directly … telling them that he completely refutes the allegations that rise to a criminal level — seemingly, the rape/sexual assault claims. He says all of his sexual episodes have been consensual.

Russell does acknowledge that he was very promiscuous once upon a time and that he’s had a lot of partners — but also says he’s been very open about all of this in the years since.

Eventually, he goes on to suggest that he’s being targeted by mainstream media agendas … and that the reason might lie in his recent stances and politics, on which he’s been vocal.

If you haven’t followed Russell’s journey lately, the dude is very much leaning right these days — and has espoused strong opinions on everything from COVID to Ukraine and beyond. He’s very much so in the Joe Rogan field of POVs … and thinks that’s at the root of this.

It doesn’t sound like anything formal has been done as it pertains to the allegations — including police reports or lawsuits — but he says he’s going to look into all of them.

FWIW, Russell doesn’t seem to have any acting projects on the horizon at the moment.

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