Patrick Mahomes Clarifies 'Hate That Man' Comment After Aaron Rodgers Injury

patrick mahomes tweetarron rodgers

Patrick Mahomes learned the importance of punctuation while sharing his grief over Aaron Rodgers‘ injury on Monday … clarifying he does not actually “hate that man” — he just forgot to add a comma.

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar was quick to react to Rodgers’ apparent ankle ailment while watching the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills matchup … going to his X account to address the incident.

“Hate that man… Praying for the best 🙏🏽”

Of course, upon first read, it comes across as Mahomes revealing his abhorrence for the four-time MVP … but Patrick eventually realized his mistake and made use of the “edit” feature on the social media platform.

“Hate that, man… Praying for the best 🙏🏽”

Ah, much better.

Mahomes took the gaffe in stride … joking, “Knew i was going to need that edit button on here one of these days 🤣”

Unfortunately for Jets fans, they’re not laughing Tuesday morning … as many fear, Rodgers could be out a significant amount of time to nurse his injury.

While the extent of it has not been announced, Jets staffers are reportedly losing sleep over the idea of being without Rodgers … which would essentially end their chances of contending for a Super Bowl.

Despite the major blow, N.Y. was able to pull off a thrilling overtime win over the Bills … so at least Jets fans have that to be happy about.

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