I was fed up with my doors so painted them black…it was a fail, people say it looks like I’ve done it with a Sharpie | The Sun

A DIY enthusiast has shared her massive fail after painting the doors all black ended up a hot mess – and people reckon she must've coloured it in with a Sharpie.

Painting doors can be a quick way to give your home a new look – but as one DIY fanatic, Freya, recently came to learn the hard way, it's not always as easy as it seems.

According to Freya, who regularly shares home and interior-related content on TikTok, she reckoned painting her white doors pitch black would be a ''great idea''.

However, little did she know it would turn out to be a major flop.

Mortified by the results, the craft fanatic shared what the doors looked like after one layer of paint – and needless to say, she had an ''instant regret''.

The project came out nothing like what she had expected, as the final look was patchy, with bits of white still peeking through underneath.


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To make matters worse, not only did she ruin one set of doors, Freya decided to paint the second one too – and it looked just as bad.

''Painting doors gone wrong?'' the interior fan chuckled in the caption of the video.

Posted on her page less than 24 hours ago, the clip has already gone viral, winning Freya and her partner more than a whopping 1million views.

Over 24k people gave the video a like, as hundreds raced to comments in stitches.

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One wondered if she had used the right products: ''did you paint it with a sharpie??''

Someone else added: ''I love how you did the first one, saw how it turned out, AND THEN STILL did the other one.''


Another chimed in: ''It took me 7-8 coats to paint the black doors white in my house when I bought it.''

Others, meanwhile, shared why things may have gone so wrong, with one suggesting: ''if the doors already had a gloss finish to then your ment to sand them first before painting [sic].''

A fellow DIY lover wrote: ''You should have used a sprayer. I did mine black, came out… let’s just say cleaner than yours.

''As in perfect. So yeah, use a sprayer.''

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