Britney Spears Not Accepting Social Media Promo Deals Despite Potentially High Payout

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been steering clear of a bunch of different social media deals, TMZ has learned … despite a potentially big payday for some Instagram posts.

We’ve learned several companies have contacted Britney’s reps, asking if she’d promote their products online for a decent chunk of change.

We’re told Britney has turned thumbs down on the offers, in part because she wasn’t crazy about the companies. We’re also told the companies wanted more than just a post … they wanted a photo shoot and some video of her pitching the product.

There is big money to be made … we’re hearing Gwyneth Paltrow gets around $100k for a single Insta post promoting products, and Kim Kardashian has snagged around a million bucks for a single post.

Britney has around 42 million followers on social media, so she could make a killing, but for now, she’s taking a hard pass.

kim kardashian

Hey, if ya have to choose between new Britney music and a plug for a weight-loss company, the choice should be obvious.

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