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AN octogenarian has revealed that she's the sexiest record-holding comedian.

D'yan Forest is in the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest working comedian, and she doesn’t think there's anything funny about how she stays looking — and feeling — young.

D’yan takes her standup routine to venues around the globe.

She plays as hard as she performs — something she credits for how she still gets her share of suitors.

"I’m mostly friendly with young people, and that really keeps my brain active and ensures I always know what’s going on," she exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

"Most older people just associate with their older friends, and they sort of become that age," the comedian confided.

Many of D'yan’s friends are in fact decades younger than the New Yorker, who also attends as many parties as she’s invited to — and the invites keep coming.

She is also an active member of her country club, where she plays golf and walks about three miles a day several days a week.

That's something which, she said, also separates her from others her age: "A lot of older people don’t exercise, but I push it even in the heat."

The once-divorced D’yan might not have children or grandchildren, but she doesn’t let that get her down.

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Instead, she focuses on keeping up with her career.

"I stay on top of what’s funny and spend time memorizing my act. It keeps me younger — and sharper."

Fluent in nine languages, D’yan, who has upcoming shows in Paris, France, and around New York, certainly has to use her skills to stay relevant — and in turn, keeps her looking revitalized.

"I have to keep my brain going, especially when making jokes or speaking slang in another language," explained the sexy senior.

Being geriatric doesn’t keep D’yan from staying gorgeous either — even if it takes a little help from her filler-injecting friends.  

“I only had one facelift about 15 to 20 years ago and of course, I get my Botox and fillers every six to eight months.

"I go to the right doctors and just try to stay looking as well as I can.

"I’ve been going to the dermatologist for close to 50 years and always followed the latest craze."

When it comes to beauty treatments, this talent has certainly done them all.

"It was all about silicone a while back — believe me, I know this stuff," she said.

"I started doing Botox before these other women had even heard of it. I’m an entertainer and I want to look young always.

"It’s a lot of work but I just keep doing little things."

She also has a strict skincare regimen and shared her biggest secret — to never stop.

After suffering from a heart attack a couple of years ago, D'yan got a pacemaker put in and still continues swimming on a regular basis.

The active — and ageless — Dy’an might not be shy about getting surgery, but she always prefers a natural look.

"I see my friends at the golf club and they come back from Florida looking completely unrecognizable," she said.

"They have beach blond hair and their faces all look different. The doctors must be cheaper down there."

It’s no surprise that many of her admirers think she’s lying about her age — and she’ll take it.

"A lot of women, even in their 60s, come up to me after a show, and they don’t do any facework and their hair is curly gray or whatever," she shared.

I’m doing the online dating thing but most suitors are either old and decrepit or they’re younger guys and it’s very hard

D'yan, on the other hand, is delighted that she has retained her same hair color.

She explained: "My hair is still the same brown as it's been for my whole life — I don’t bleach my hair.

"I just pray every day to keep the gray away. It gives me a natural look."

Known for wearing bold colors and sexy lace on stage, this artist is always flattered by the attention she garners from her male fans.

"All these young men are waiting for me outside after a show. I’m sure it would just be a one-night thing but that’s not what I’m into."

D’yan does still attempt to dip her toes into the dating pool — even though the waters seem to have gotten a bit murkier.

“I’m doing the online dating thing but most suitors are either old and decrepit or they’re younger guys and it’s very hard," she complained.

"I just want to email and meet in person. This is the problem when you’re 89 — and I don’t lie about my age."

She also pointed out another problem with finding love as an octogenarian: "The ones I like in their 60s are all married."

In true D’yan style, the comedian made one thing clear: "I’m not done with my adventures."

She also talked about the more unguarded, darker side of D’yan, and it's left some criticizing the comedian.

"When I write my book or I'm on stage, I let all my experiences and fun hang out," she said.

"I can’t believe what comes out when I’m performing sometimes because in my daily life, nobody knows anything.

"I also did an audiobook and now think to myself oh my God, did I write that?

"I was shocked but it was during Covid and I thought we were all going to die so didn’t think twice."

She might have lost some comrades at the country club, but she embraces every part of her.

It seems that getting older does sometimes make you wiser — and care less about what other people think.

I can make jokes in France about being a cougar more so than at home

"A lot of people at my country club won't talk to me," she admitted.

"They watched some of my stand-up videos and they couldn't believe that it was really me. I think we all have many sides to us."

She much rather enjoys playing to a French crowd since she believes that they are “ready for everything," while she believes that "Americans are more prudish."

“I can make jokes in France about being a cougar more so than at home," D'yan detailed about her feelings on the cultural differences.

"My French friends also seem to understand me better. It’s just a different mentality. That’s why I love living in New York but Paris keeps me on my toes."

Her love affair with France began in the 60s following her divorce from a nice Jewish boy who, according to her, "didn’t know how to pleasure a woman."

She soon found herself sucked into the country's swinging scene at the time.

"I figured hell, I’ve got the money I didn’t spend on a husband and children so instead I spent it having a good time for two years."

During the course of her one-woman act, she proudly shows every side she has.

D’yan also plays the piano and sings dramatic, heartbreaking songs — in French, of course.

Her show, Swinging on the Seine, is coming up in Paris, and she hopes to play it again next year on her 90th birthday.

She might be one seductive singer who looks years younger, but D'yan also has words of wisdom from someone who has lived a long life.

"You have to keep pushing and the biggest thing I have learned about life is to never argue with anybody — nothing is important anymore and it's just a waste of time."

Originally from Massachusetts, D’yan, who started playing the piano and singing at five years old, didn’t add comedian to her comprehensive repertoire until she was in her late 60s.

It began after 9/11 when the city was still reeling from the tragic events and she could no longer make a living as a musician.

After playing golf with comic legend Caroline Hirsch, she was desperate to get back into entertaining and hired a coach — and the rest is one hot comic history.

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