Eliza breaks down after incident at school when her period starts in Corrie

Eliza Woodrow (Savannah Kunyo) is feeling alone in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as she starts her period at school.

The young girl has been at the centre of a storyline recently involving Dom, her dad, who she began speaking to online.

Shortly after meeting Dom, Stu (Bill Fellows) contacted Bridget and asked about him. Bridget – who is Eliza’s mum and also in prison for murder – revealed that Dom is a bad man and not to be trusted, but Stu’s emotions have been challenged, given that Eliza is so keen to spend time with him.

After agreeing to meet up at the precinct, Dom suggests ice cream but then makes out that he’s forgotten his wallet.

Eliza tells him not to worry, revealing to a very intrigued Dom that Stu will pay because he’s loaded.

In a new week, Eliza reveals how excited she is to go to the cinema with her dad after school.

However, Eliza then returns home in tears and tells Stu that she started her period in the middle of PE, wanted to die of embarrassment and now doesn’t want to see her Dad.

Stu hugs her, but will he realise that Eliza will need support from someone closer to her age about periods and growing up?

And what about Dom?

Will he assume Eliza’s decision to not see him is down to Stu, creating even more tension between them?

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