Inside George Clooney’s Multi-Million-Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

George Clooney is a multi-talented actor, director, screenwriter, and philanthropist who has won numerous accolades. Clooney has made astute investments with the money he has earned over the course of his illustrious 40-year career, following in the footsteps of other Hollywood stars who have purchased luxury properties, such as Adele, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Lopez.

Together, George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney, who is a barrister, have amassed an extraordinary real estate portfolio. One cannot deny that they have defined their territory around the world and that their choices are still growing. From a luxury Italian seaside villa to a lavish Manhattan condominium, they own everything!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look inside George Clooney’s multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

6 Luxury Mansion In The Studio City

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George Clooney made his first noteworthy purchase of $2.2 million shortly after achieving great fame in his role as Dr. Doug Ross in the television series Er. The purchase was a pinnacle in his career. The home was built in 1995 and is situated in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. It spans a total area of 7,354 square feet and contains a total of six bedrooms.


In 2012, George offered a home tour for the CBS program Person to Person. At that time, the property included hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, a stone fireplace, and a vast dining room with an impressive collection of wine. The residence had a home theater, a bar with antique Hollywood photographs, a basketball court, an outdoor swimming pool, and a bar. Subsequently, George Clooney spent millions of dollars on the estate’s development in the years following its acquisition.


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5 Villa Oleandra In Lake Como, Italy

Clooney paid the Heinz family a total of $7 million in 2002 in order to acquire the magnificent Villa Oleandra, which dates back to the 18th century. In addition, as the icing on the cake, this home is located within easy walking distance of the water. The spacious property features 25 rooms. Other amenities in the Lake Como Villa include tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, multiple landscaped gardens, enormous baths, and a separate “pizza parlor.”

George Clooney’s various classic cars are parked in the garage of the villa. Not only does George Clooney spend his vacations at this house, but a number of other A-list celebrities do as well, including the Obamas, Jennifer Aniston, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry. George Clooney is said to also own Villa Margherita, which he purchased around the same time.

4 Extravagant Abode In Mexico

George Clooney acquired a custom-designed property in Los Cabos, Mexico, in 2009. It was designed by the foremost architect in Mexico, Ricardo Legoretta. The property has a long corridor entrance that opens into a double-height patio, as well as numerous gathering spaces, including dining and lounging spaces, an open kitchen, and a bar that served as a primary point for enjoying sports and drinking beverages.


George Clooney considers a large, ancient house without family and friends to be gloomy. Consequently, he purchased this property alongside his close friends Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford, whose houses were linked to his in a casual fashion. Later on, the two of them decided to sell their properties together, and the resulting entity became known as Casamigos, which is Spanish for “House of Friends.”


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3 A Royal English Mansion

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In the year following their wedding in 2014, George and Amal Clooney bought a mansion that was built in the 17th century on the English island of Sonning of the sight on the river Thames in London. The home is a 4-acre property that cost $13 million to acquire. The entry hall has soaring ceilings with Georgian molding, a drawing room with family photographs, a pool house, and a theater room with 16 seats known as “the party zone.” Additionally, the home features a glass-enclosed garden with citrus trees.

2 A Hip Condo In Manhattan

Since 2016, while the Clooneys are in New York City, this opulent condominium has been their residence. They acquired a full-floor apartment for $14.7 million. This midtown Manhattan high-rise is situated on One Hundred East Fifty-Third Street. Foster & Partners, a renowned architectural firm, constructed the tower. The high-rise consists of 94 apartments with walls of windows, lofty ceilings, and polished concrete flooring.

The apartment building features a lap pool, a library, a state-of-the-art fitness complex, a culinary marketplace, and a restaurant helmed by Michelin-starred chef Jol Robuchon on the ground floor. To this day, the Clooneys continue to keep at least one residence in the vicinity of Gerber and Crawford. According to reports, they have acquired the apartment one level above Clooney’s.

1 An Opulent Vineyard Estate In France

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In the year 2021, George and Amal Clooney made another substantial real estate purchase. Domaine du Canadel was a Provence wine estate in Brignoles, France, valued at $8.3 million. It is a 425-acre 18th-century estate with expansive gardens, a lake, an olive grove, a 72-foot-long shaded swimming pool, a tennis court, and a 25-yard vineyard. This property is located just a few kilometers away from George Clooney’s friend Brad Pitt’s estate, Chateau Miraval.


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