Shetlands Douglas Henshall shares fears over new Netflix role

Who is Erin Carter?: Official trailer

Shetland fans are used to seeing Douglas Henshall play the no-nonsense crime-solving DI Jimmy Perez in BBC’s long-running crime drama.

Last year, fans said goodbye to the 57-year-old actor as his time on the show came to an end after 10 years.

Now, he’s taking on a different role as villain Daniel Lang in Netflix’s new thriller, Who Is Erin Carter?

Swapping the rainy Shetland Islands for sunny Barcelona, Douglas revealed there was one thing he was cautious of.

Speaking to Radio Times, he joked: “With my Scottish complexion, I was afraid I was just going to disappear into a puddle on the floor!”

Who Is Erin Carter? is a seven-part limited series which is set to air at the end of August.

It follows a British woman called Erin (played by Evin Ahmad), who has moved to Spain with her husband and daughter.

However, her life soon spirals out of control when an armed robbery at a supermarket unfolds.

A synopsis for the shoe reads: “Erin deploys some incredible fighting skills to fend off the robbers, which make it clear that she’s no run-of-the-mill teacher.

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“One of the robbers appears to recognise her, which sends Erin into her panic. But what exactly has she been running from, and is it finally about to catch up with her?”

Fans will see Douglas play Daniel Lang, who is the father of one of Erin’s pupils, who ends up getting thrown into her complicated life.

The actor confessed playing the baddie in a show is fun as he added: “It’s always fun to pretend to be firing a gun. It’s quite childhood-inducing.”

Although Douglas has a huge fanbase from his time as DI Perez, he confessed there aren’t as many roles around for him anymore.

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He added: “ I think that’s just a fact of getting older.

“People are looking for younger actors these days.

“There’s a degree of, ‘I’ve been offered that, I’m grateful for the job, I’ll go and do it.’”

Who is Erin Carter? Is available to watch on Netflix from August 24.

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