Britney Spears is showing Sam Asghari what he's missing & wants to feel 'sexy while single' with new hobby, expert says | The Sun

BRITNEY Spears has kicked off her new life as a singleton once again, in the wake of her shock split from her husband Sam Asghari.

But according to an expert, it was the singer’s energetic stab at pole dancing from the confines of her Californian mansion that was the first step in her fight back.

Britney, 41, posted a clip on Instagram on Monday, showing off her pole skills.

Dressed in a skimpy cheetah-print bikini and elbow warmers, the Grammy award winner kicked off her dance by flicking her hair.

She gyrated seductively around a fuschia pink pole and body-rolled in front of several mirrors.

The track Closer by Nine Inch Nails played in the background.

Captioning her video, the Toxic hitmaker wrote: "Got this pole two days ago and last night was my first time on it."

Three days later, Britney and her husband Sam Asghari, 29, split after 14 months of marriage.

This came amid allegations of the pop star cheating, as well as an explosive argument.

In an exclusive interview, pole dancing expert and trainer Emma Fuggle told The U.S. Sun: " On the timing of the video, Britney was going through this breakup.

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"She probably wanted to show her husband how great she looked or what he was missing.

"She appeared to be saying: 'Look at me, look at me, look what I'm doing.'

"Pole will also help her prepare for her new life.

"Through this hobby, Britney will start to feel sexier and more independent in her single life.

"If she increases her strength on the pole, she will increase her confidence and take on the world again.

"I get lots of women coming to me after a break-up to learn pole.

"They just want to find themselves again."

While the date of Britney's pole video might be telling, rumors of tension with Sam have been circulating for months.

While navigating her two sons Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17,'s relocation, TMZ's The Investigates documentary Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom, claimed Britney's marriage had hit the rocks.

Now Fuggle suggested the mum-of-two's new hobby might end up as her saving grace.

She said: "Pole is a really positive hobby to start and especially at times like this.

"It is the best therapy for breakups.

"If Britney continues pole dancing, it will make her look and feel amazing.

"The exercise and learning the tricks will help her release happy endorphins too, so she will start to feel better.

"I always say to my pole dancing clients that if they learn how to hang upside down on a pole, all the bad stuff falls out.

"Britney will soon find that actually, life is unpredictable and is often better managing it all upside down anyway."

Fuggle, of Pussycat Poles, speculated that Britney even may have quickly picked up how to dance from watching a video.

"All she needed to do was go on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok and watch someone else pole dance," she added.

"Britney was freestyling with the music on and went for it, but there was no routine.

"Britney looked sexy, she has her bikini on, and she is gyrating.

"Pole is so good for making you feel confident, sexy, and alive.

"Britney did need to slow it down a little.

"It was a little bit hectic and looked like she is at the very beginning of her pole journey."

Fuggle, who trains pole dancers, explained that Britney's experience as a dancer helped her moves.

She suggested the pop star would need to use different muscles and practice if she wanted to improve.

"Obviously, as a performer, Britney will be good at dancing around the pole.

"But that does not necessarily mean that she will be naturally good at carrying out the tricks that pole dancers do," she said.

"Tricks are things like going upside down, climbing thigh holes, spinning, and dancing on the pole. It requires strength and practice.

"Pole dancers use different muscles compared to standard dance and so this something you need to build upon."

Fuggle noted how Britney managed to perform one trick on her new pole very well.

"Mainly Britney did a spin which she did a couple of times," she said.

"The only thing Britney could make a mistake of here was this spin, which looked fine.

"Spins are a good foundation for building strength, the core, and confidence.

"Dancers can then progress to climbing and inverting, but only once they have built up the relevant muscles.

"You can see from Britney's video that it is all about trying to get there.

"Britney also did a nice little lift and sort of straddled her legs, but the rest of it was just sort of dancing around the pole."

As a dancer, Britney initially honed her skills when she was a child.

From enjoying lessons at the age of three in Kentwood, Louisiana, Britney went on to perform in local competitions.

When pop superstardom beckoned, Britney danced to tracks such as her breakthrough hit, Baby One More Time, followed by songs such as I'm a Slave For You.

During her 13-year conservatorship, and while she was on stage at her Las Vegas residency, dance appeared to be key.

When the mom of two's conservatorship ended, Britney began documenting her newfound freedom via her dance routines at home.

From her mansion where she is now reportedly living solo, Britney has been consistently sharing dance clips with her fans online.

Fuggle continued: "Britney has invested in a good pole at home. It is also freestanding, which means she can take it anywhere.

"People may do pole because they want to lose weight, tone up, and build their confidence and self-esteem.

"Some people are just looking for something fun to do.

"People do find pole very addictive because there is so much you can do on it," she added.

"Maybe Britney needs that important confidence boost now.

"I think everyone will look at her pole dancing, but Britney needs to slow down and take her time.

"Britney has the strength so she could add new tricks and increase her moves as she progresses.

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"Once she starts to get a little bit stronger in her thighs she can then just hold on with her thighs rather than just her hands.

"So, we might start seeing more of these videos of Britney doing pole in them as she starts her single life."

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