Strictly Come Dancing 2023 winner ‘already confirmed’ as AI weighs in on champ

Strictly Come Dancing will be back with a bang in mere weeks and the full line-up has officially been announced.

From TV royalty Les Dennis to a Strictly first with Love Island star Zara McDermott, there's definitely a varied line-up this year – but it looks like one person is topping the leader board already.

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According to Google's Bard AI, Les Dennis is coming out with a bang, though Nigel Harman won't be far behind.

Detailing the "early favourite" it said: "Les is a veteran actor and presenter who has a natural talent for comedy. He is also a very hard worker, and he is sure to put in the hours to get the best out of his professional partner."

But it also noted that Nigel Harman is also in the running to take home the Glitterball Trophy.

It said: "Nigel Harman is a former EastEnders star who is known for his dance skills. He is also a very popular contestant, and he is sure to get a lot of support from the public."

However it did recognise that the contest is "anyone's game" and that the show is unpredictable, adding: "The winner is often the one who least expects it".

Bard AI also added: "It is also worth noting that the judges have a lot of influence on who is eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing.

"If they feel that a contestant is not giving their all or is not improving, they may be more likely to vote them off. So, it is also possible that one of the more experienced contestants could be eliminated first if they do not impress the judges."

Viewers have seen it happen before where some of the more experienced dancers fail to beat out the other celebs with less experience due to growth and high expectations.

The judges have strict expectations for each celebrity on an individual basis, and tell them what they're expecting to see from them week after week.

So who will be most improved on Strictly 2023? They're going to need to knock Hamza Yassin off the top spot as the current reigning Strictly Come Dancing champion.

The show usually starts in September, so it's expected the contestants will get paired up in the next few weeks.

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