I’ve never felt better than I do at 50 – people tell me I’m ‘lucky’ to look so good but luck’s got nothing to do with it | The Sun

A CONTENT producer has said she has never felt better than she does now at 50.

People often tell her she is "lucky" to look so good for her age, but she has no time for such comments.

As far as she was concerned luck has nothing to do with it and it simply came down to lifestyle choices.

You've got to look after yourself, she said, and that means working out and eating well.

Annamaria Kalebic (@annamariakalebic) embodies her approach to aging well and is not afraid to revel in the results of her regime.

You will see no donuts or burgers in her meal plans, elasticated-waisted trousers, or comfortable cardigans in her wardrobe.

Instead, this “beauty/fashion/lifestyle” influencer with 63,000 likes, sticks to a healthy diet and is a gym devotee.

“When people say ‘you’re so lucky to look so good for 50,” she captioned her post.

But her secret was far more pragmatic than mere good fortune.

“Me: ‘Luck’s got nothing to do with it," she said.

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She proceeded to show the sort of food she consumed, which included lots of fruit and vegetables, and her workouts at the gym.

“I’m 50 years young and have never felt better," she said.

If you want to look as good as her when you reach your fifties, start putting the effort in now, she urged followers.

“Don’t wait until it’s too late to start looking after your body.”

Commenters were in broad agreement with her stance.

“Yes, the harder you work the luckier you get," said this person.

A deep impression was made on this fan: “Wow you are officially my new role model.”

“It’s the best investment. Health is wealth and it reflects on your appearance. No luck at all, hard work, genes only has a small part to play," was the view from this fan.

Another woman in her midlife said it was the best age: “Love this. I’ve never felt so beautiful, strong, empowered, intelligent, and confident as I do at 50.”

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