Neighbour borrows parking spot and doesn't move car for two months

Rude neighbour asks to borrow parking spot… then doesn’t move his car for two months

  • Reddit user confused after truck owner parks his car on his land for two months
  • The homeowner said he could for two weeks but months later it hasn’t budged
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A homeowner was left rattled after a neighbour asked to park his truck on their property… then left it there for two months. 

After being told it would only be parked there for a ‘couple of weeks’, the owner proceeded to take the wheels off, so it looks like it’s there for good. 

Unsure how to tackle the situation, the resident took to Reddit to ask for help, they wrote: ‘My neighbor said, ‘Do you mind if I park my truck beside the garage for a couple weeks until I can get it hauled away?’ It’s been almost two months now, and yesterday he took off the wheels.’

A rude resident who asked to borrow a neighbour’s parking spot hasn’t moved his truck from the space for two months

Sharing photos of the 4×4 with no wheels on and rubbish scattered around the inside of the vehicle, the landowner felt his gesture had been taken advantage of.

Furious Reddit users flooded the comment suggesting he take matters into his own hands and get it towed away at the owner’s expense. 

One person wrote: ‘Looks like it’s yours now. Time to scrap it out,’ while another added: ‘Time to start charging rent.’

While another bluntly responded: ‘That truck is never moving unless you have it moved.’ 

‘Let him know you’re giving him 72 hours before you have a company come scrap it,’ one user commented. 

Another agreed: ‘A conversation gets it moved immediately. They either comply and move. Or refuse, and you have it towed at their expense.’ 

Taking advantage of his neighbour’s kindness the truck owner left the vehicle covered in rubbish 

After being told it would only be parked there for a ‘couple of weeks’, the owner proceeded to take the wheels off 

Confused about the legal problems he may encounter if he towed the car, the resident added: ‘I don’t think I can legally touch it since it’s not mine? 

‘But if the catalytic converter might… mysteriously disappear one day. I guess nothing [is wrong with it], other than being an eyesore, which is probably why I haven’t pushed the issue. Someone said it could attract rats at some point.’ 

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Luckily one Reddit provided some useful advice, adding: ‘In my state a vehicle can be removed from the premises after seven days, and after 30 days, the vehicle is considered abandoned, and the property owner may begin the process of selling the vehicle. 

‘Give him notice, then in a week you have options.’

The landowner responded: ‘I just gave a week’s notice. He was VERY nice about it and very apologetic!’ 

The dispute seemed to fizzle out quicker than most Reddit parking wars, one user shared her frustration at her neighbour who ‘intentionally blocks’ their driveway with his vehicle and encourages guests to park in front of their drive. 

The homeowner claimed that the nightmare resident physically assaults other neighbours and have even vandalized their property with spray paint.  

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