Woman leaves people stunned as she shows the industrial way she deals with her cracked feet, but insists it does the job | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people stunned after revealing she uses superglue to deal with the cracks on the soles of her feet.

She explained that someone recommended she try superglue, as she suffers from constantly cracked heels due to having the skin disease PPK.

"I know this is the cheapest, worst kind of superglue but it's what I had and you've got to start somewhere," she said in video on her TikTok page.

"So before I invest in some medical grade super glues or skin glues, I thought I'd just go ahead and try it with this."

She explained that she'd tried the superglue hack when she was at school and had a big crack, but found that it dried really "thick and hard" and made her uncomfortable.

"However, lots of people who have this condition have messaged me over the months saying 'You really need to give superglue a shot for your cracks'," she added.

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"So despite the fact that this will probably anger and upset some people – as I have also received lots of comments since mentioning this that this is really unsafe – but these cuts aren't bleeding.

"And at this point I was really desperate to just try something because they just keep cracking.

"And I can't thin the skin out anymore because it's already really thin. And the cracks are hurting."

She then applied the glue, before using the tip of her finger to smooth it out.

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Later, she showed what it looked like a few days later.

"It only lasted two days before it started cracking," she added.

"But nonetheless in those two days a lot of healing happened. So I'm actually really pleased and satisfied with how this turned out.

"The cracks were able to heal quite a bit."

People in the comments section were largely divided as to whether or not using the glue was a good idea.

"The chemicals will still soak in, fml," one person wrote.

As another added: "YOU DID WHAT???"

"Luv they make dermaglue. I can't imagine that's skin safe," a third commented.

"AHHHHHHHHHH please use medical grade!! Worth the investment!!" someone else said.

Is it recommended to use superglue on cracked feet?

"Although superglue can be and is often used in medical emergencies it isn’t a glue that has gone through stringent checks and is licensed by Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

"In occasional instances ‘off the shelf’ superglue is safe to use by the general public to close wounds.

"However we must be aware that a wound that is deep or unclean may pose a risk to infection should it be sealed in an unsterile and unclean way.

"We should also be aware that long term use may cause contact dermatitis.

"I would therefore suggest that as the feet are often not particularly clean and fissuring in the heels may be deep that regularly gluing them is not a good idea.

"Fissures are a chronic problem and the only way to resolve these is by seeing a podiatrist who would debride the hard skin to a point that allows the wound to close.

"Whereas glue used (whether medically licensed or not) would only generally be used in an acute situation for a laceration, especially if suturing is not available at that time."

Podiatrist Fiona Rigby, from the Ongar Foot Clinic

But another person weighed in, writing: "Family member that works the ER and has flat out said that the super glue hospitals use is identical to store one chemically the only difference is the tag 'medical grade' which is nothing but a price hike."

"Nurse here. Super glue is literally the same as the stuff they use to glue your skin back together in the ER," another said.

As someone else wrote: "I'm a hairstylist and we all use super glue on our cracks and cuts all the time!!

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"Skin glue just doesn't work as good".

"Thank you so much for showing everyone how you do this. It has helped me so much," another commented.

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