Out of control Gabby punches Billy in Emmerdale – then tries to kiss him

To other Emmerdale residents, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been coming across very self-centred as of late.

The character hasn’t been the same ever since it was revealed that Nicky (Lewis Cope) was only in a relationship with her as part of Caleb’s (William Ash) plan. She has been desperate for revenge, but nothing much has happened as Nicky and Caleb have both been keen to move on from the ordeal.

As a result of this, Gabby has been left feeling incredibly frustrated. She doesn’t think Nicky deserves to start a new relationship with someone else when she’s sitting at home with a broken heart, and makes this view perfectly clear whenever she spots her ex in the village.

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After the new bus stop opening, a drunk Gabby spotted Nicky heading home.

Nicky – once again – told Gabby that he’s really sorry for what happened but she needs to move on.

Gabby said that Nicky should respect the fact that she’s lived in the village all her life and leave, and is also struggling with the fact Nicky is now staying where her dead best friend (Liv) once lived.

As Nicky tried to be a friend and console her, Gabby shoved him and ended up swinging her arm backwards, smacking Billy (Jay Kontzle) in the face, who had arrived to try and help.

Back at home, Billy kindly listened to Gabby’s problems.

This led to an awkward situation, as Gabby misread the moment entirely and tried to kiss Billy.

Billy stopped her and walked away, leaving Gabby humiliated, but will Dawn (Olivia Bromley) find out what’s happened?

And if so, how will she react?

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