Matilda star Mara Wilsons regrets 27 years on – from low pay to missed birthdays

Mara Wilson stole hearts with her charming performances in iconic films like Matilda and Mrs Doubtfire. However, behind the glittering facade the former child star has opened up about a number of challenges and regrets during the course of her career.

Mara Wilson's ascent to stardom started at the tender age of six when she secured her first-ever film audition for the role of Natalie 'Nattie' Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire. From that moment, her life was changed forever.

Success followed her with her role as Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street, but it was her portrayal of the book-loving, telekinetic Matilda Wormwood that solidified her status as a child star icon.

As a child actor, Mara was subjected to the harsh realities of fame. Press interviews often placed undue pressure on her young shoulders, questioning her about mature topics that were far beyond her years.

Explaining to The Guardian that adult men would try to contact her when she was a child, she said: “I had people sending me inappropriate letters and posting things about me online. I made the mistake of Googling myself when I was 12 and saw things that I couldn’t unsee.”

The weight of living up to her on-screen characters became an ever-present burden, and she found herself unable to live up to the impossibly high expectations set by adoring fans.

The transition from child stardom to adult acting proved to be a daunting challenge for Mara. The onset of puberty, a natural and inevitable part of growing up, signalled a turning point in her career.

Hollywood's unforgiving standards deemed her "no longer cute," leading to dwindling acting opportunities. Her self-esteem suffered, as she struggled with the belief that her worth was tied solely to her looks and acting prowess.

As she grew into adulthood, Mara faced the challenging reality of sustaining a career in show business. Despite voicing characters on the critically acclaimed BoJack Horseman and Disney's Big Hero 6 series, the shifting landscape of the entertainment industry, driven by the rise of streaming services, has severely impacted the money she has been able to make.

“I haven’t acted much as an adult, but I WAS on a recurring character on one of the most critically acclaimed animated shows of all time, as well playing an actual Disney villain,” the 35 year old tweeted.

“But thanks to streaming, I have never once made enough to qualify for SAG-AFTRA healthcare.”

Mara has also opened up about her diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the psychiatrist's suggestion that she might also have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Today, Mara has carved out a new path for herself. While she still occasionally engages in acting work, including voiceover roles and hosting the fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale, she has primarily focused on her writing career, having written two memoirs, Where Am I Now? and Good Girls Don't.

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