Game of Thrones Varys actor admits ‘frustration’ at show ending

Conleth Hill visibly annoyed during read through

Game Of Thrones star Conleth Hill has admitted he felt “frustrated” with his character Varys ending in the final season of the series.

The 58-year-old portrayed the clever and cunning Master of Whispers and was one of the few cast members who survived from series one only to fall at the final hurdle.

“I felt that last series was a bit rushed. I was inconsolable, but now I’m fine about it.

“I thought I’d done something wrong. Right up until the last two series, I had no complaints at all,” the actor shared.

“I just felt frustrated with the last couple of series because Varys wasn’t the all-knowing character he had been.

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“I think the writers wanted to do one thing to end it and the studio HBO wanted to do another,” he said in The Times.

Conleth’s character was an integral part of Westeros and a fan favourite.

With a team of informants who brought him the secrets of King’s Landing, the eunuch manipulated those in power

However, his double-crossing nature eventually led to his demise in the final season.

In 2019 it was obvious that he was upset at the way things panned out for his character in footage of a table reading.

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The actor looks far from happy as Varys fate dawns on him and sinks into his chair looking upset as other cast members, including Emilia Clarke, look on sympathetically.

At one point in the clip, he is comforted by Gwendoline Christie, who played Brienne of Tarth, in the hit HBO show.  

Varys wasn’t the only character demise that caused upset however. The final ever episode of the hit HBO series saw Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke), the Mother of Dragons, sit on the Iron Throne after burning down much of King’s Landing.

However, her victory was short lived as Jon Snow later plunged his sword into her heart killing her. She fell in his arms devastated as she realised that he had betrayed her.

Fans were up in arms over the ending which had been hugely hyped.

Game of Thrones is available to stream on Now.

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