FBG Duck’s Mother Run Over by Her Boyfriend on Instagram Live

The late rapper’s mom Lasheena Weekly a.k.a. Mama Duck screams in pain as her boyfriend runs over her leg in a video during an argument in a driveway outside of a home.

AceShowbizFBG Duck‘s mother is still making headlines apart from news about her late son and it’s not for a good reason. Lasheena Weekly, who goes by the name Mama Duck, was reportedly run over by her boyfriend during an argument that was captured on Instagram Live.

In a video which surfaced on Monday, July 31, Mama Duck apparently went live when she got involved in an altercation with her man, who is said to be also her child’s father, in a driveway outside of a home. Duck’s mom can be heard repeatedly asking someone to let her leave first as the clip showed that there were two cars, almost bumper to bumper, in the driveway.

“I ain’t touch you. Jazmine, I swear to god, on Duck, don’t pull your car out,” Mama Duck told a woman, whose car was likely blocking Mama Duck’s boyfriend’s car. Another voice was heard yelling, “OK. She finna move.”

“He finna back it… Do not hit my car!” the woman responded. Mama Duck was heard pleading with the woman again, “He not gonna hit you. Put the car in park.” Amid the chaos, the friend threatened to call the cops as the man’s car was parked close to her car.

Mama Duck’s boyfriend also accused her of putting her hands on him, but she denied it. “You just put your hand on me!” her boyfriend yelled to Mama Duck, who replied, “I didn’t touch you, ’cause I don’t want you!”

Moments later, after the scene no longer visible in the video, Mama Duck can be heard screaming, “My leg! My leg!” indicating that she was hurt likely due to the car moving while she was still behind it. Little is known about what transpired afterwards as it’s also unclear what led to the argument that turned violent.

LaSheena is known for her appearance on OnlyFans. She has earned around $35,000 from her work on the adult-only platform.

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