I was terrified my son was going to fall out the window so toddler-proofed them in four minutes for £8 for peace of mind | The Sun

A MUM who was terrified her son would fall out of their big upstairs windows showed how she baby-proofed them in just four minutes.

Melissa revealed she only spent £8 on the easy hack and it's given her peace of mind.

In a clip on her @___makingahouseahome account, which has racked up over 1,000 likes, she said: “Toddler proofing windows for £8 and installed in less than 4 minutes – yes I timed myself.

“Now that summer is here – even though it doesn’t feel like it because it hasn’t f***ing raining – my windows are always open.

“They are them massive windows and I literally just cannot sleep at night knowing my child could just f***ing fall out one.

“So I got this pack of two window safety locks from Amazon for two for £8.

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“All you need is a drill and a screwdriver.

“It comes with the screws and all you need to do is drill into the f***ing window, then into the frame and screw it in.

“It is literally that easy.

“If you need to you can still have the window wide open but it just gives me peace of mind that during the day if my child went upstairs to the toilet there is no way he’s f***ing jumping out of the window.

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“And obviously I make sure that I put the key up high and out of his sight.

“Better to be safe than sorry.”

Many parents were impressed, with one saying: "we did this too."

Another added: "It's nice to see such a caring sensible independent mother and also I like the way he was helping, bless."

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