Signs, packaging and clothes ruined by awful font design

Not my type! Perfectly good products that were ruined by terrible fonts

  • People from around the world shared embarrassing public font fails online 
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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes, but when it comes to advertising a business or product, the way the words are written is equally important. 

Signs, product packaging and even clothing can be ruined by using the wrong font, and perhaps it’s even on purpose by an underpaid graphic designer. 

These hilarious snaps shared by social media users worldwide and collated into a gallery by Reddit, feature this type of blunder.

One of the images shows a tote bag intended to be whimsical and fun which ended up applauding a well-known dictator.

You’d be forgiven for getting confused as to why there are bowls on a box that seems to say ‘sewing set’, made my US brand overandback

In another moment of error, someone’s wedding sign intended to offer their guests a a sweet treat, but ended up suggesting they do something far ruder. 

Elsewhere, a set of serving bowls no doubt left shoppers confused because a bad choice of font on the packaging made it look like it was a ‘sewing set’.

And diners in California could be forgiven for wanting to avoid a Mexican restaurant that looks like it’s serving up ‘Fart Tacos’.  

A plant pot is definitely not the best way to declare your love – especially when the message is mostly illegible 

A tasty treat that lingers for hours and hours! It doesn’t help that ‘Fart Taco’ or ‘Fast Taco’ as it’s supposed to be called, in California, has included what looks like  gust of wind above the words

‘Hope you brought urine’ is something you don’t expect to see when you arrive for a dinner party, but who are we to judge?

Treat yourself to a donut or ‘t*at yourself’ – the meaning was open to interpretation at this wedding reception in the UK 

It Hitler was a colour he would not be glitter. The cursive of the letters mean it’s almost impossible to see anything other than the name of the German dictator 

Art is what now? This packaging appears to include quite an unexpected message

No parent is letting their child visit here! Surely someone must have noticed during the design process, or at least the buyer when they put it their window 

Is it Forty Liquors? Or Farty Liquors? Perhaps it’s better not to enter this store in the US to find out, unless you’re willing to brave the hangover 

Wise words! This life advice sounds a bit twee, but if you misread the final word it turns rather more seeds 

Even if you speak Polish, the layout of this sign and the shadows it creates is a visual nightmare 

Bunch of badness! This pub in Pontypridd has an unusual way of adveritsing its wares 

Have yourself a floppy floliday! This brewery sign in Connecticut can hardy be read while standing still, let alone while driving along a road

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