Radio 2s Jo Whiley details alarming and very unsettling health struggles

Jo Whiley shuts down BBC Breakfast presenters

BBC Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley has spoken candidly about her experience with menopause, admitting that she found it “unsettling” and “scary” and prompted her to make changes to her life.

In a new interview, Jo, 58, said: “The first thing I noticed was losing this clarity of thought in my head. For someone [whose job] is trying to speak to people, to communicate, that was quite was scary. It was quite alarming.

“To suddenly not be able to find a word, for it just to disappear out of my grasp, was very, very unsettling.

“All my emotions were very raw and very close to the surface and I was extraordinarily prone to crying… it went into overdrive,” the presenter added to Good Housekeeping.

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The mum-of-four added that while her symptoms were “subtle”, the experience was “very debilitating”.

She eventually got to a point where she “had to get a grip” and took it upon herself to improve her situation.

Jo went on: “It was very much me doing my research, looking into my hormones… and also for my state of mind, I had to do a lot of thinking about who I was, what I wanted for the future and what changes I needed to make.”

She added to the magazine that she found an outlet in gardening, cold water swimming and training for a triathlon.

Jo shares four children with her husband of 32 years, Steve Morton. Their kids are: India 30, Jude, 24, Cassius, 22, and Coco, 14.

She currently presents her own weekday evening show on BBC Radio 2 and previously hosted on Radio One for 14 years.

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