Lorraine Kelly slammed for ‘robotic’ segment as she turns to AI on ITV show

Viewers have blasted Lorraine Kelly for her robotic reading of a script generated by artificial intelligence.

The presenter was hosting a segment on her morning show on Thursday (July 20) about the rise of bots and the threats they pose.

She was joined by tech journalist Lara Lewington to explain how AI works and how it could lead to more humans losing their jobs to the bots.

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The chat was inspired by the current actors and writers' strike in America, where artificial intelligence poses a big threat, especially with script bots like ChatGPT becoming more popular.

Lorraine was concerned over how widespread the problem has already become, saying: "We've seen how it's being used – we've seen Harrison Ford in the last Indiana Jones movie – it sort of de-aged him.

"I can understand why they want to do that, but these actors you're talking about who are in the background, they don't get paid fortunes.

"They really don't and they rely on residuals and they rely on being brought back, it's really unfair," she added.

The presenter was then presented with the script of a scene from Coronation Street that artificial intelligence had written.

Lorraine then acted out the script with Lara, with her immediately disagreeing with what the robot had written.

The script had said that Lorraine "sipped" her drink, but the presenter said: "Right away, the robot's got me wrong. I never sip my drink – I glug it."

During the stint, Lorraine acted her words out monotonously and without much personality, whilst Lara provided a more human touch.

After reading the script, Lorraine quickly bashed the program, adding that she thought that it was "the most rubbish script ever".

She also joked: "I don't think the writers have got anything to worry about."

But fans were quick to slam Lorraine's performance in the skit, with one viewer taking to Twitter to say: "Why is Lorraine reading the script like a tw*t?"

Another added: "I think Lorraine should try an AI as a presenter."

Whilst a third viewer posted: "Lorraine is getting ideas… Use AI and can stay at home with a Clairol Foot Spa."

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