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IF you’ve flown across the country or globe, you might have wondered why all airplanes look the same – or why most are painted white. 

There are a number of reasons airlines use similar liveries, including safety and value of the aircrafts. 

Typically, major airlines have planes that are  painted white and have splashes of color thrown on the tail, body or the very tip.

For example, American’s aircrafts only feature their iconic red white and blue coloring on the plane’s tail as well as a small logo on the side. 

Similarly, Delta airplanes have their logo printed on the plane’s tail and side. 

Delta, as well as British Airways, also features a splash of blue on the underside of the airplane. 

Airlines are accounting for a number of factors when choosing what their liveries will look like. 

Many of these factors revolve around costs or comfort for the passengers and crew, making the airplane as efficient as possible. 

Here is a list of some of the reasons they chose to paint their aircrafts white: 

  • White paint helps keep passengers and crew cool and comfortable inside
  • White paint makes it easier for crew to spot damage to the aircraft or external oil spills
  • White paint doesn’t fade as quickly as other colors 
  • Crews don’t need to repaint white liveries as often 
  • If an aircraft is released, white paint makes it easier to rebrand 
  • White paint minimizes solar radiation
  • Bird strikes are less common, as they can see white aircrafts easier 
  • White aircrafts are easier to spot in potential search and rescue situations 

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Not all airlines subscribe to the same rules though. 

Across the world, Air New Zealand started sporting an iconic all black look for its Star Alliance livery in August 2022.

The airline typically used a white livery with a black tail fin, but was looking to for a way to stand out and show New Zealand pride. 

"Black is an iconic Kiwi colour. From sports jerseys to gumboots, black is embedded in New Zealand's national identity and worn with pride, so it's fantastic to welcome this aircraft with its special black livery into our fleet,” Air New Zealand's Chief Transformation and Alliances Officer Mike Williams said at the time. 

"Kiwis missing the Koru need not look too far – our iconic mangōpare will feature on the wingtips in this one-off design."

Similarly looking to represent their home county, Iceland’s PLAY airline is painted in bright red. 

In 2019, the budget airline’s CEO said the color was chosen to represent passion and Icelandic nature, according to Iceland Review. 

The aircrafts are easy to spot in the sky as the entire plane is painted red, with the exception of the wings and “PLAY” written in white on the sides. 

For decades, Southwest Airlines has also avoided the classic white look, instead opting for a pop of color to brighten up the skies. 

In 2014, the company revamped their aircraft’s gold, red, and orange coloring, adding in a bright bold blue. 

Southwest has long defended its choice of color, detailing the significance of each one used. 

“The silver, a precious metal, honored the Company’s business and longstanding Customers. The Bold Blue expressed the Company’s commitment to the spirit of exploration and ascending to new heights,” Southwest said in 2014. 

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“The Warm Red symbolized its Warrior Spirit and emphasis on Customer Service. And the Sunrise Yellow, bright as the dawn, signified the start of a new chapter in the Company’s history.”

While white paint might save some airlines a few extra dollars — for others, being recognizable and loved for being different is worth the money.

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