Denise Welch, 65, dubbed ‘gorgeous’ by fans as she dons colourful swimsuit

Loose Women star Denise Welch looks incredible as she posed up a storm on Instagram.

On Wednesday (July 19), Denise posted a snap of her in a colourful swimsuit as she posed in a sunny garden.

She captioned the post: "And before you ask…..yes, I do always sunbathe perched on the edge of a small table using my husband's shirt as a tablecloth!! Who doesn’t!!!

"Anyway there’s only time for 3 minutes a day sunbathing as it’s soooo f…..g hot!!!

"But we’re in a beautiful boutique hotel and it’s a great excuse to do nothing but lie around, get massages, read and eat!! Bliss. The Village Hotel and Spa Naxxar @lincolntownley @the_village_hotel_and_spa @lighterlife #malta"

Fans took to the comment section to support the star, with one writing: "Enjoy, we were in Malta last week for the first time, on a cruise. Gorgeous place"

A second added: "@denise_welch wow! You Look amazing Denise x"

While a third penned: "Oh I love your cossie Denise where’s it from"

"Colourful queen looking gorgeous as always xx," a fourth posted.

A fifth put: "Lovely pic Denise pretty costume love the colour"

"Have a wonderful time poppet xxxx" a sixth posted.

Another stated: "You look amazing enjoy every moment."

One more typed: "You look fabulous as always @denise_welch I am coming to watch the Loose Women tour in Manchester 8th September I would really love to meet you I think you are Amazing on that same week on the 1st of September I am 5 years Sober xxx love you and everything you say"

Denise also recently spoke openly on the Huw Edwards scandal while writing her column in The Mirror.

She wrote: "My main takeaway from the whole sorry and complicated sex images scandal is not about Huw Edwards’ alleged conduct or the BBC’s response.

"It’s my sheer horror at the lawless world of social media where accusations can go unchecked and nameless trolls can create unfounded conspiracy theories – with no consequences.

"As someone in the public eye, it is absolutely terrifying to constantly face the prospect of trial by social media.

The thought of being falsely accused of something and being character assassinated online is horrifying."

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