Brits tourists warned of little-known rules that could land you with huge fines – with seven types of behaviour banned | The Sun

BRITISH tourists have been warned of little known rules in Croatia that could land you with huge fines.

The buzzing city of Split has become the latest European holiday hotspot to crack down on travellers' rowdy, booze-fuelled antics.

City councillors have approved new measures ahead of the holiday season, giving officers the power to slap tourists on the spot with fines of up to £255 who are caught sleeping or vomiting in public areas.

The same fine also goes for those who are spotted walking through towns shirtless or in bikini tops.

The UK Foreign Office has also updated its travel advice for Brits travelling to Croatia following the string of recent changes.

New guidance warns that the county's authorities may issue the "on the spot fines" for seven acts that have now been banned, including:


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  • Walking through towns shirtless or in swimwear
  • Wearing clothing that promotes drug use
  • Sleeping in public areas
  • Climbing on top of monuments
  • Urinating in public spaces
  • Drinking alcohol near protected spaces (e.g. schools)
  • Vomiting in public areas

"Most towns have signage to advise about actions that are prohibited by local law. Take notice of your surroundings, including signage, and seek local advice," the UK Foreign Office advises.

Other areas of Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, have also issued similar legislation with hefty fines of up to £3,400 for anti-social behaviour including fighting, verbal abuse and drunken antics.

In a February decision, it was also decided that communal wardens will patrol the streets looking out for offenders, who can also be fined £56 for walking their dog without a leash.

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Drug-related offences are punishable with fines and jail sentences.

Croatia is not the only popular getaway to impose such guidelines.

Boozy Brit tourists could also face big fines in Majorca if they get caught downing drinks in the street.

And holidaymakers have been warned that they could face stiff fines for taking pebbles from beaches and wearing high heels in certain areas.

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