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THE Chasers are some of the best brains in the country – but reckon you've got what it takes to outsmart them?

Since 2009 the hit ITV gameshow, hosted by Bradley Walsh, has seen hundreds of contestants take on the likes of Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty and Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett.

The 'Final Chase' always brings the drama as the remaining contestants who won their 'head-to-head' round team up to answer as many questions as they can in two minutes.

The Chaser is then challenged to answer more questions than the contestants – if they get one wrong, and the contestants get it right, they take a step back.

If the Chaser fails to beat the contestants' number of steps, they get to split the prize pot they've built up over the game.

In May 2020, one contestant won a whopping £100,000 in very tense circumstances.


You’re in top 1% if you can answer any of these questions from hit TV quiz correctly

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The most steps ever set for The Chaser in the Final Chase was 28.

So, how would you get on?

We’ve brought you a selection of questions from The Chase, combining a mixture of history, sport, TV, and everything in between.

Set yourself a two-minute timer and see how many you can get right – you never know, maybe it'll spur you on to apply to take on one of the Chasers for real!

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The Chase is on…

  1. What is the full name of the dish rarebit?
  2. Yvette Carte-Blanche was a character in which UK sitcom?
  3. In the Lord of the Rings, what type of being is a Galadriel?
  4. Aaron Donald is a top defences tackle in what sport?
  5. Whose 1980s debut album featured Lucky Star and Holiday?
  6. What fashion house makes the fragrance Dolce Rose?
  7. Queen Anne is buried in which London abbey?
  8. How many radius bones are in each arm?
  9. Which British aircraft company made the Tiger Moth aircraft?
  10. World Beyond is a spin-off from what zombie TV series?
  11. Jewish emigration to what country is known as Aliyah?
  12. What type of hot drink is a Caffe corretto?
  13. Melanie Griffiths was Oscar-nominated for what 1988 film?
  14. Which queen laid the foundation stone of the V&A museum?
  15. Sent and Search were works by which US action painter?
  16. Brecknock Hill Cheviot is a breed of what farm animal?
  17. In what sci-fi film series did Hugo Weaving play Agent Smith?
  18. A v-slicer is a gadget for what room of the house?
  19. Budweiser Select is a low-calorie version of what type of drink?
  20. The Lawn Tennis Museum is in what area of London?
  21. What currency in southeast Asia has the code VND?
  22. In the bible, who is the mother of Isaac?
  23. What letter is silent in the word, rhubarb?
  24. Athos was a giant in what mythology?
  25. In The Simpsons, what animal is Bart’s pet Laddie?
  26. What male name can also be used to refer to a bird’s beak?
  27. What George Adamson book is subtitled, A Lioness of Two Worlds?
  28. Who played a woman with amnesia in the 1980s film Overboard?
  29. Which Finnish-born architect designed the Womb Chair?
  30. The Nutty Boys is a nickname for members of what band?
  31. Noodle is a slang term for what part of the body?
  32. In what TV series does Tommy say “I’m a blinder”?
  33. Dan Robson’s an England scrum-half in what sport?
  34. Which Hollywood actress did Clark Gable marry in 1939?
  35. What is the chemical symbol for Diamond?
  36. How are the eggs cooked in the dish, Devilled Eggs?
  37. The East Sea is a name for what European body of water?
  38. How many oxygen atoms are there in an O-zone molecule?
  39. The Alcathoe is the UK species of what flying mammal?
  40. The Pala d'Oro is an altar seen in what Venice Basilica?


  1. Welsh rarebit
  2. ‘Allo ‘Allo!
  3. An elf
  4. American football
  5. Madonna
  6. Dolce & Gabanna
  7. Westminster Abbey
  8. One
  9. De Havilland
  10. The Walking Dead
  11. Israel
  12. Coffee
  13. Working Girl
  14. Queen Victoria
  15. Jackson Pollock
  16. Sheep
  17. The Matrix
  18. Kitchen
  19. Beer
  20. Wimbledon
  21. Vietnamese Dong
  22. Sarah
  23. H
  24. Greek
  25. Dog
  26. Bill
  27. Born Free
  28. Goldie Hawn
  29. Eero Saarinen
  30. Madness
  31. Head
  32. Peaky Blinders
  33. Rugby
  34. Carole Lombard
  35. C
  36. Boiled
  37. Baltic Sea
  38. Three
  39. Bat
  40. St Mark's

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