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AS KIDS, there was always one flavour of yoghurt you'd fight your siblings for.

But according to psychologist Emma Kenny, your favourite flavour of yoghurt says a LOT about you.

And while one flavour suggests you often play it safe, another suggests you've got a zest for life and adventure…

Plain: Embracing Simplicity and Authenticity

If you stick with the classic, plain yoghurt, Emma thinks this might be a sign that you're practical, reliable and pretty down to earth.

The psychologist, 45, said: "Choosing plain yoghurt suggests that you have a practical and no-frills personality.

"You appreciate simplicity and tend to focus on the essentials in life.


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"Your straightforward approach allows you to navigate challenges with ease and efficiency.

"Plain yoghurt reflects your down-to-earth nature and your ability to find satisfaction in simplicity.

"You tend to be reliable and dependable, often serving as a stabilising force in the lives of those around you."

Strawberry: Sweet and Optimistic Vibes

"If your favourite yoghurt flavour is strawberry, you possess a sweet and optimistic personality," suggested the mum-of-two.

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"Strawberry represents a classic and universally loved taste, reflecting your ability to find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

"People are drawn to your cheerful and approachable nature. Your positivity is infectious, and you have a knack for brightening up any situation.

"Strawberry yoghurt enthusiasts often have a nurturing side, providing comfort and support to their loved ones."

Raspberry: Tangy Adventures and Curiosity

Opting for raspberry, according to the TV personality and broadcaster, indicates a vibrant and adventurous personality.

Emma shared: "Raspberry is known for its tangy and slightly tart flavour, representing your ability to embrace excitement and new experiences.

"You thrive on spontaneity and enjoy exploring the unknown.

"Raspberry yoghurt enthusiasts tend to be open-minded and curious, always seeking out new flavours, perspectives, and opportunities for growth."

Peach and Apricot: Finding Harmony and Tranquillity

The more gentle and harmonious type might tend to go for a peach and apricot variety, revealed Emma.

She added:"If your taste buds gravitate towards the delicate blend of peach and apricot in your yoghurt, you possess a gentle and harmonious personality.

"The combination of these fruits creates a harmonious and subtly sweet flavour, mirroring your desire for balance and tranquillity in life.

"You value peaceful relationships and strive to create a calm and supportive environment.

"Peach and apricot yoghurt enthusiasts often have a nurturing and empathetic nature, making them excellent listeners and reliable friends."

Greek: Focused and Disciplined Excellence

"Choosing Greek yoghurt as your favourite flavour suggests that you have a focused and disciplined personality," shared Emma.

"Greek yoghurt is known for its rich and creamy texture, indicating your preference for quality and attention to detail.

"You appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and strive for excellence in all areas of your life.

"Greek yoghurt enthusiasts often possess a strong work ethic and are driven to achieve their goals.

"You have a knack for perseverance and tend to be highly self-disciplined."

Cherry: Energising Passion and Charisma

If you or your pals are more into cherry flavours, this could mean you're both energetic and competitive.

"If you find yourself drawn to the bold taste of cherry-flavoured yoghurt, you possess an energetic and passionate personality.

"Cherry represents vibrancy and intensity, reflecting your zest for life.

"You have a natural charisma that draws people towards you, and your enthusiasm is contagious.

"You have a competitive spirit and thrive in dynamic environments.

"Your passion and drive push you to overcome obstacles and achieve success."

Müller Corner Chocolate Fans: Playful Indulgence and Creativity

And while we all might enjoy the occasional Banana Chocolate Flakes treat, Emma thinks there's a pattern among Muller Corner chocolate fans too.

"Choosing the Müller Corner Chocolate Flavour yoghurt suggests that you have a playful and indulgent personality.

"This unique combination of flavours represents your ability to find delight in the little pleasures of life.

"You have a youthful spirit and a love for enjoyment and relaxation.

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"Müller Corner Chocolate Flavour enthusiasts often have a creative and imaginative nature, embracing their inner child and bringing joy to those around them.

"You have a talent for finding beauty in the simplest things."

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