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YOUTUBER PewdDiePie has welcomed his first child with his wife Marzia Kjellberg.

The 33-year-old announced the birth of his son Björn to fans on Wednesday via Instagram with a series of adorable family snaps.

The Swedish social media star is seen gazing at the newborn tot adoringly with Marzia in the heartwarming images.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, captioned the post: "11/ 07/ 2023. Welcome to the family, little Björn."

The bundle of joy was also seen snuggling on his mum's chest in another snap as they rested up in hospital.

The final image of the carousel showed a baby romper adorned with the name Björn alongside a number of colourful plushies.


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PewDiePie had announced his wife was expecting in February this year, saying he was "so excited" to start a family.

He posted a montage video to share the news with his 111 million subscribers, showing the intimate moments from behind the scenes.

The loved-up couple were seen excitedly looking at their positive pregnancy test as well as going for their first scan.

Marzia, who is Italian, also proudly showcased her growing baby bump in the photos.

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The news of a mini PewDiePie thrilled fans and the video gained a whopping 680,000 views on YouTube in just one hour.

The streamer, Marzia and their beloved dogs moved to Japan last year from the UK.

The couple got hitched in 2019 after several years of dating.

As Marzia's due date grew closer, PewDiePie announced he would be taking a break from YouTube to focus on his family.

While preparing for the pandemonium of first-time parenthood, the content creator told his followers they were "so happy."

He said: "Just wanted to say, it's getting very close now. Very close to becoming a dad. I'm very, very, very excited.

"I don't know what it's gonna be like. I don't know if I'll have time to make videos. Is it gonna be chaos? I don't know.

"But I imagine I won't upload for a while. So, just wanted to say thank you for all the support in these vlogs.

"We're so happy you guys have enjoyed them and we can share a bit of our life here. But I think, for now, we might take a little break until we come back again."

However, the couple still enjoyed teasing fans about the gender of their baby – with PewDiePie joking: "We're having a Fish."

"If you know what this means then you know the gender," the social media sensation added.

Marzia also joined in on the fun too and shared a series of photos on Instagram for fans to decipher with the caption "hint hint."

This included a picture of her and PewDiePie posing in front of windsocks shaped like koi fish, known as Koinboiri.

They are traditionally flown in Japan – where the new parents relocated – to celebrate the national holiday Children's Day.

But the tradition comes from another holiday called Tango no sekku, which specifically honours male children.

Most people came to the correct conclusion that the pair were expecting a baby boy after cracking the clues.

One eagle-eyed fan broke down the theory for other social media users in the comment section.

They wrote: "The story goes that Koi (carp) fish was chosen as a symbol for Boys' Day because the Japanese consider it the most spirited fish, full of energy and power, that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades."

Another pointed out: "The hint was in the YouTube video Pewds posted.

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"The video started with a blue screen and ended with one as well. Either way, congrats you both."

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