Met police detective loses 18th employment tribunal case in 16 years

Metropolitan police detective loses the 18th employment tribunal case he has brought in 16 years – after previously claiming £25,000 for ‘injury to feelings’

  • Detective Constable Derrick Quarm has lost his 18th employment tribunal case 
  • Judge dismissed DC Quarm’s latest claims as ‘totally without merit’ 

A Metropolitan Police detective has lost his 18th employment tribunal case in just 16 years, after claiming £25,000 for ‘injury to feelings’

Detective Constable Derrick Quarm’s claim was the latest to be dismissed in a catalogue of lawsuits against the force dating back to 2007.

This time, the former paratrooper’s allegations of race discrimination, victimisation, and whistle-blowing detriment were thrown out.

Previously DC Quarm has been criticised by an employment tribunal judge for bringing claims ‘totally without merit’.

The Met Police has described some past claims as ‘wild, unfounded and entirely unsupported by the evidence’.

Detective Constable Derrick Quarm has brought 18 claims against the force in just 16 years

The serving police officer joined the Met Police in January of 1997 and first lodged a claim against the force in 2007 over his applications for detective training.

Over the following years, he launched more lawsuits relating to allegations about his line management, his colleagues, and at one stage accusations of ‘police criminal networks’.

He has seen claims relating to race discrimination, victimisation and whistle-blowing all thrown out.

At one stage he asked for £25,000 to cover ‘injury to feelings’.

Off the back of a failed case in 2015, DC Quarm was ordered to pay £18,000 to cover the Met Police’s legal fees – which came from the public purse.

He failed to pay the sum leading to a charging order being made on a property owned by him which was registered in 2018.

Two of his claims have been settled.

Now, at his latest tribunal at London Central Employment Tribunal, he raised concerns about his colleagues and the Directorate of Professional Standards, which investigates crime and corruption by police officers on duty.

In particular, DC Quarm alleged one colleague was guilty of perjury.

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He claimed that whistleblowing complaints raised by him were being obstructed.

He said from 2016 to present staff have ‘deliberately fed false information’ to the Independent Office for Police Conduct about his whistleblowing.

DC Quarm alleged colleagues committed perjury to ‘conceal the facts of their repeated acts to mislead to IOPC’ and that ‘senior leaders’ from the Met were ‘fully aware of unlawful actions’.

He also made a complaint that bosses tried to ‘conceal the pattern of criminal offences’ which he thought would be ‘exposed’ by his ongoing employment tribunal claims.

All of his claims were dismissed by Employment Judge Tim Adkin.

Judge Adkin said DC Quarm had a ‘reputation within the department for making lengthy complaints and for bringing Employment Tribunal claims’.

The judge said the Met Police managers dealing with his internal complaints would have been ‘somewhat wary’ due to his reputation and correctly took legal advice in how to deal with them.

DC Quarm’s latest claim against the Met was thrown out after a judge deemed it ‘totally without merit’

Judge Adkin said his claims were ‘convoluted’ and ‘principally relevant to him personally rather than matters of wider public importance’.

Louise Casey’s report on the Met police, which found that the force was institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic, was also discussed as part of DC Quarm’s case.

However, Judge Adkin said that the claims didn’t have much bearing.

Judge Adkin said: ‘In a marginal case the content of the Casey reports might be enough to tip the balance in relation to the initial burden of proof.

‘We do not however find that DC Quarm’s present claim is such a case.

‘There is an absence of evidence specific to this case [that] suggests that race was a factor in the Claimant’s treatment either directly or by reasonable inference.’

The list of claims made by DC Derrick Quarm against the Met Police in 16 years

Claims 1 and 2 in 2008: His said colleagues tried to stifle his career

Claim 3 in 2010: Unknown

Claims 4 and 5 in 2011: Racial discrimination

Claims 6, 7, 8 and 9 in 2015: He said colleagues coordinated a campaign of ‘detriment and hostility’ who accused him of incompetence.

Claim 10 in 2016: Unknown 

Claims 11 and 12 in 2017: Victimisation due to racial discrimination

Claim 13 in 2018: Racial discrimination in the handling of a complaint

Claims 14 and 15 in 2019: Racial discrimination

Claim 16 in 2020: Victimisation. He alleged his re-mortgage applications were obstructed

Claim 17 in 2021: Victimisation due to alleged obstruction of his re-mortgage applications. Deemed repetitious.

Claim 18 in 2023: Racial discrimination and victimisation


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