ictures that caught out Met Police 'Sheriff of Soho' Frank Partridge

The pictures that caught out Met Police ‘Sheriff of Soho’: Sergeant who turned a blind eye to sex assault allegations in West End nightclubs was seen being whipped by dominatrix, enjoying £3,000 Elton John bash and posing with Ellie Goulding

These pictures reveal the extravagant lifestyle enjoyed by a corrupt police officer who was bribed with lavish gifts to turn a blind eye to crime at some of London’s best known nightclubs. 

Scotland Yard Sergeant Frank Partridge, 50, dubbed ‘the Sheriff of Soho’, supplemented his £38,000 salary with a £7,000 holiday, a £1,700 suit, fine dining, hotel stays and a house renovation in exchange for ignoring violent brawls and sexual assault.  

The shamed former officer in charge of policing 3,000 clubs, bars and restaurants in London’s West End, enjoyed tickets to Premier League games, music gigs and a £3,000-a head pass to a charity party at Elton John’s Berkshire home as part of a string of perks to ensure he remained ‘in the pocket’ of West End club bosses.

When he was eventually arrested, officers found a compromising video of Partridge being whipped by a dominatrix dressed as Cat Woman in Cirque le Soir, a decadent A-list venue in Soho known for its celebrity clientele ranging from Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton to Nicole Scherzinger.

Partridge – who faces jail after being convicted of bribery yesterday following a three month trial – was pictured with a leash around his neck and wearing cat ears as the woman gyrated around the laughing sergeant.

Corrupt Met sergeant Frank Partridge, 50, is seen being gyrated on by a dominatrix dressed as Cat Women 

Partridge posing with the singer Ellie Goulding during a night out 

Partridge (circled) at a charity party at Elton John’s Berkshire home. The singer is seen on the right 

In other footage the officer nicknamed ‘Fun Time Frankie’ by former colleagues, was seen with a large snake draped around his neck, miming to the hip hop anthem Sound of Da Police.

The photographs were used as evidence of his shameless activities, which included accepting escort services as payment for downplaying suspected criminality at nightclubs including two rape allegations.

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Scotland Yard are facing questions about why it took a decade to bring him to justice after an investigation first began in 2013 when he joined the licencing unit.

Partridge continued to work for the force until 2016, when he was sacked for abusing a travel scheme by travelling in first class carriages.

Police then discovered he had been living an extraordinary lifestyle, being chauffeured to internationally acclaimed restaurants, dressing in hand tailored suits and enjoying free tickets to the Wireless Festival and a Metallica show despite his lowly pay as a sergeant.

The one freebie he declined to admit to taking was an escort from Cirque le Soir founder Ryan Bishti, 43, after a heavy drinking session in June 2015. 

The jury rejected claims he had been washing and ironing his shirt at the nightclub bosses’ Battersea apartment when two escorts arrived at 1.18am before leaving an hour later. 

After Bishti’s phone was seized it showed he had saved an escort’s number in his contacts under ‘brass’ – Cockney rhyming slang for a prostitute.   

Partridge was arrested the following day.  

His job was to consult with the local authority on licensing which meant he had a say on venues’ applications and had the power to close a nightclub.

But he soon fell ‘into the pocket’ of senior figures in the nightclub world as well as security bosses seeking for lucrative door contracts, the court heard. 

Partridge ‘abused his position of power’, according to Debbie Jeffrey, senior specialist prosecutor with the CPS’s Special Crime Division

Partridge (pictured in the footage) claimed he was a functioning alcoholic while working as a licensing officer in London’s West End

Footage shows Partridge (right) dancing with a leash around his neck

 Partridge arriving at Southwark Crown Court in London on April 20, 2023

On one occasion, Partridge was tasked with reviewing the licence for Dstrkt nightclub after a ‘shocking list’ of sexual assaults allegedly took place.

Owner Anna Ginandes booked a family holiday for Partridge and his family at a Morocco resort, and treated him and his wife to a £382 meal at the Sumosan Japanese restaurant in Mayfair, telling the manager to treat him Partridge as a ‘VIP guest’.

On another occasion when fights kept erupting at Sketch nightclub, Partridge recommended a security firm, who repaid him in bespoke suits and a ticket to an Elton John charity bash.

Yesterday Ginandes, 46, security boss Terry Neil, 56, and Ryan Bishti, 43, the founder of Cirque le Soir, were also convicted of bribery.

Commander James Harman, of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-corruption and abuse command, said: ‘Frank Partridge has been motivated by greed and by self-interest.

‘He has accepted bribes that he has allowed to influence how he does his duty – that is corruption and that is why we are pleased to see the verdict today.’ Partridge will be sentenced next week.

Ryan Bishti (pictured), 41, launched Soho’s Cirque le Soir and has opened other clubs in the capital and across the world

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