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EVERYONE is raving about one savvy mum’s hack to stop kids complaining on long car journeys. 

Caitlin Thompson shared her genius trick to avoid the never-ending whines of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ – and it’s so simple, it’s no effort at all. 

Posting on her fab Instagram account Sprinkle in Learning, Caitlin wrote: “Road Trip Tip #1: Provide visual support for time they will spend in the car and the passing of time they’ve already spent in the car. 

“This will likely reduce the number of times you hear the infamous phrase, ‘Are we there yet?’” 

In the clip, we see Caitlin in the passenger seat of her car while her husband is driving. 

Her three children are sitting in the back, looking at a piece of paper between the seats. 

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The paper reads: “Hours left.” 

Below the writing are four colourful post-it notes, each displaying a number between one and four. 

As the journey begins and time goes by, Caitlin removes the sticky notes. 

When the last note – the number one, or ‘one hour’ – is removed, it means they’re nearly at their destination.

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The savvy mum spins the camera around to show her happy kids looking relaxed in the knowledge that their journey was almost over – and no annoying questions were heard. 

Caitlin continued: “Time is tricky for kids to understand, yet they fixate on time – especially when they are bored or uncomfortable, like in the car. 

“Today we used a simple post-it method  to show time passing. 

“As the hours passed I pulled off the post-it. You can do smaller time increments if needed.”

Everyone praised Caitlin’s genius hack and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One user replied: “Such a clever idea for little ones.” 

A second commented: “I go the opposite. I tell them one hour when they first ask, then I add one more hour each time they ask again.”

And a third chimed: “So smart.”

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