I thought I looked cute with my hair extensions on the holiday.. but I was horrified when I saw them from the back | The Sun

BUSINESS in the front, party in the back – that's how you could describe one beauty fan's epic hair fail.

When Kelly Slate, from Baltimore, the US, headed on a holiday, she made sure her hair extensions were all set and ready to go – but little did she know people behind her would see a totally different angle of her long locks.

Unfortunately for Kelly, she only came to learn about this major hair horror after soaking up the sun in the sea.

Before this, the young woman, who posts under the username@huesonhanover, thought she looked like an absolute babe.

In her head, the long hair extensions would be gracefully flowing in the wind, as the boat Kelly was on was dashing through the waters.

However, the reality was slightly different – and the holiday goer was hair-rified when she saw what was actually going on.


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Instead of a beach goddess wavy hair, Kelly's hair extensions were almost pin straight – and her natural locks made it even more noticeable.

Kelly, whose real hair appears to be short and curly, was completely unaware of the fail, as her curls had a mind of their own.

''The back of her head is none of her business,'' Kelly wrote in the caption of the clip.

Uploaded on TikTok just two days ago, the video has already won over 700k views, as hundreds were left in stitches.

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One person even gave the hairdo a name, joking: ''The super mullet.''

Another chuckled: ''At least the color matches.''


Someone else, meanwhile, chimed in: ''I would take them out immediately. I would be fixated on that 24/7.''

''Party in the back,'' a TikTok user laughed.

''Billy ray Cyrus realness,'' another spotted a great similarity between Kelly and Miley Cyrus' dad.

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