Gemma faces losing her children after terrifying hospital dash in Corrie

Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is facing an uncertain future in Coronation Street after learning that someone has reported her to social services.

This week has been stressful for Gemma. As well as looking after her children and trying to earn enough money to get by, she also hosted a fundraising event for her brother Paul (Peter Ash), which provided another reminder that he won’t be around for much longer, following his MND diagnosis.

During a chat with Rita (Barbara Knox), Gemma explained that she’s started to feel how she felt when she had PND. Following a trip to the doctors, Gemma then revealed to Chesney (Sam Aston) that she’s back on anti-depressants.

In Friday’s (July 7) edition of the ITV soap, Gemma welcomed Bertie and Glory to her house as part of her childminding service.

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It was very clear that the pressure was getting to Gemma, so she gladly accepted Bernie’s offer to pop to the café for a small break.

Returning home, Gemma closed her eyes for five minutes, blissfully unaware that Bertie had his hands on her mental health medication and then started to consume the tablets.

When Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel (Rob Mallard) arrived, it didn’t take long for them to realise what had happened.

Fortunately, a hospital trip saw Daisy and Daniel discover that Bertie would be fine, but that didn’t help Gemma’s increasing guilt.

In the ward, Beth (Lisa George) popped by to see Bertie and expressed her anger towards Gemma. She said that Gemma wasn’t fit to look after children and saw her in the café earlier without a ‘care in the world’.

Daniel and Daisy were somewhat concerned and that evening, Gemma received a phone call from social services, informing her that someone would be visiting soon.

Gemma was left terrified that she’d lose access to her children, but how will the meeting go?

And most importantly, who reported her?

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