I'm an elegance coach – the common summer item which will 'kill your outfit' and make you look careless | The Sun

AN elegance expert has dubbed one common summer item an outfit killer.

The supposed gaudy accessory is said to make you appear careless.

Karina (@millidollarlady) relayed the style mistake in her recent video.

"Can you guess what is making this outfit look tacky?" she asked.

Next to her face, Karina displayed an image of a woman walking on the street.

She donned an all-black look, including a light blazer over a matching mini-dress with an organ crossbody bag and flip-flops.

"This outfit has potential," Karina proclaimed.

"However, there is one thing that's killing it and making these outfits look careless and look like the person is not put together."

A new picture appeared of a different woman wearing an oversized white button-up, black trousers, and matching flip-flops.

The elegance expert allowed viewers a couple of seconds to guess what part of the outfit she hated.

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"You should always avoid wearing flip-flops," she admitted. "These are always a no."

Karina didn't think these rubber sandals were suitable for the beach or pool either.

She loved tie-up sandals as an alternative.

Comfortable shoes are acceptable, just not this kind.

"I never wear flip-flops outside of the house," one woman agreed.

"There are so many options for flat and comfortable shoes. I can't understand the flip-flops," another commenter said.

A critic wrote: "Sitting on the beach and constantly wrapping and unwrapping your foot from that ugly a** white sandal is just tacky."

"Sorry. But no," another opposer remarked.

One skeptic added: "I live in my flip-flops."

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