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MANY parents know the pain of buying dolls for their kids, only for the hair to look ratty and destroyed in a short space of time.

One mum has revealed her very clever trick to restoring dolls’ hair to look as good as new with an easy method.

Mum Amber asked in a clip: “Does anyone else have a kid that absolutely destroys their dolls’ hair?”

She shared how she transforms hair to go from matted to sleek and shiny using products “that you probably already have around the house.”

Amber explained: “You are going to start by adding one part fabric softener to two parts water in a large mixing bowl.

“And then you are going to soak that doll’s hair.”

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Amber said to leave the doll to soak for one hour and then let it sit for another hour.

She continued on her @kennedyandme account: “After an hour it is time to start brushing.

“You are going to want to start at the bottom and work your way up.

“The doll will lose some hair but probably not as much as we did if you were a little more gentle than Kennedy was.

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“This is the most time-consuming part, but you are going to want to brush until you can smoothly get your brush through the doll’s hair.

“Now it’s time to rinse.

“Make sure you rinse, and rinse, and rinse, you want all of that product out of the doll’s hair.”

Amber said they blow-dried the doll’s hair on a low-heat setting as it was raining outside, but you can dry it in the sun if that’s an option.

The mum concluded: “And just like that Rapunzel is almost as good as new.”

Her clip has racked up 27,000 likes, and people were impressed.

One wrote: “This is an extremely specific video I actually needed haha.”

Another added: “Doing this today! My daughter is so rough on her dolls.”

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