Dog owner warns others about storing pet food in containers

Dog owner issues urgent warning to fellow animal lovers about storing pet food in containers

  • Michelle Gomez, from Atlanta, Georgia, owns a Golden Retriever and Dalmatian 
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A dog owner has warned others about how to store pet food after she found mould in her container.

Michelle Gomez, from Atlanta, Georgia, owns two pups, a four-year-old Golden Retriever and a three-year-old Dalmatian. 

She started the video by saying: ‘I just found mould in my dog’s food and I have to show you.

‘So I know you’re not supposed to put food in a container that’s not airtight or food safe but I didn’t really think it was that serious.

Michelle Gomez, from Atlanta, Georgia, issued a warning to other dog owners after she found mould on her pet food 

‘And so I know you’re probably wondering “are you dumb?” the answer is yes, I am dumb. 

She then shows the container that she used to store her pup’s food in, which is a deep white tub with a lid that flips up.

She continued by saying: ‘I haven’t used this, it’s been empty for like two weeks. I just bought a new bag of food and I was gonna dump it in here and look.’

Michelle then turned the camera to show a handful of little dog food nuggets which had mould growing on them. 

‘The lighting is kind of bad in here cause it’s a closet, but literal mould.’

Turning to her Golden Retriever, she then said: ‘I have failed you, I’m sorry. But yeah, imagine I would’ve fed that to my dog that could’ve been really bad.

‘So PSA all the dog parents out there, do not put your dog’s food in a container, leave it in the bag or put it in the container in the bag.’

Users took to the comments to discuss what they had learnt about storing their pet food. 

She said that she hadn’t used the container in two weeks and that it had been empty, but a handful of nuggets remained and had mould growing on them

One person wrote: ‘I usually wash mine right after the next bag.’ 

Another said: ‘I worked at a vet. I learned that you are suppose to keep the food in the bag it came in. It’s the best way to keep the food fresh.’

A third penned: ‘You can use any dog food container just leave the dog food inside the bag! It helps keep it fresh.’ 

A fourth commented: ‘Omg no!!! My dogs food is stored in one of those.’ 

This comes after a dog owner in the UK shared that her pup, Cookie, was suffering from a highly contagious and deadly virus.

Amy Riley, 25, from Darwen, Lancashire, revealed her beloved pet is seriously ill after contracting parvovirus earlier this month – and she is now struggling to pay the vet bills.

Users took to the comments to discuss their tips but also what they had learnt about storing their pet food

It is thought the six-month old puppy picked up the virus on a walk around roads very close to home.

Amy raised the alarm last Monday when Cookie started vomiting and vets initially thought she had a stomach issue. 

However when Cookie’s condition continued to deteriorate, she was diagnosed with a highly contagious virus, called parvovirus, which is spread through faeces.  

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