Tyler Hoechlin Encourages Fans to Do This For New Movie Superman

Superman is returning to the big screen, but no, it won’t be with Tyler Hoechlin!

The 35-year-old actor, of course, currently portrays the Man of Steel on the small screen, on The CW’s Superman & Lois, and has been playing Clark Kent/Superman since his first appearance on Supergirl in 2016.

With the new DCU rebooting Superman and making him younger, Henry Cavill will not be back, and much like Grant Gustin not starring in The Flash movie, Tyler won’t be reprising his character in the upcoming Superman: Legacy.

During a recent appearance, Tyler offered some words of encouragement for fans when they do announce the actor who will be Superman.

Find out what he said inside…

“I am very confident that whoever comes in [for Superman: Legacy]…it’s so funny, people jump so quickly to say ‘That’s not it, that’s not it!’ when they get somebody, but I would just encourage everybody to whoever the next person ends up being [cast as Superman] give them a chance because I’m sure they will be awesome,” Tyler said at Superman Celebration (via Agrl4god80).

“I think anyone who does this has a huge love for it and a real care for the character, even me, who didn’t really grow up with the character – you know what Superman means to people, and I think it’s just something that you don’t mess with unless you really have a care for it. I’m excited to see whoever the next person is,” he added.

The new Superman movie, Superman: Legacy, will be a part of the DCU’s new Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters series, and it’s said to be the “true beginning of the DCU,” according to James Gunn, who is writing the film.

While a Disney Channel actor reportedly sent in a self-tape audition, and was liked by Gunn, there are three different actors who are currently screen-testing for the role!

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