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FEARFUL Londoners will be given an anti-social behaviour hotline to book bobbies to patrol their area, the Tory Mayor frontrunner vowed today.

Dan Korski, 46, says he can make major inroads to Labour strongholds in inner City London by going back to basics on cops, crime and buses running on time.

The current Tory frontrunner revealed how he fears letting his nine-year-old son, Noah, pop around to his friends' house in case he becomes a victim of lawless London.

He admitted: "It's something I worry about a lot, and don't want to worry about.

"In Japan you can book police patrols and visits, and book an appointment.

"We need to get back to more police officers, and a borough-based police force.

"Do your officers really know what's going on in your community?"

The former No10 policy adviser turned businessman is one of three finalists battling it out for the Tory nomination to go up against Sadiq Khan in London next year. 

In a tell-all interview with The Sun, he reveals how his wife overcame a terrifying brain tumour, how he fell in love with London when his refugee parents moved here, and his plan to 'Make London Great Again'.

He promised:

  • Bedroom targets on homes to get Londoners proper family homes they deserve, not just tiny studio flats
  • To slow down Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, increase buses and make London's transport system run like clockwork
  • To stand up for businesses, sort out TfL's troubled finances, and hand out burglar alarms to every pensioner
  • Revealed he's been a victim of crime too – getting his bike nicked three times before giving up on ever getting them back.

Businessman Korski – who has made waves with his radical policies to turn London's red lights off at night – told Sun readers he was a lifelong grafter who understood their concerns about spiralling costs and were fed up with politics as usual under Sadiq Khan.

He said: "I was born in Denmark to Polish refugee parents, I came to London when I was 10 and was bowled over by the excitement, the lights, everything.

"I knew I wanted to live in London, and be a Londoner."

But years later, "people feel the city isn't working for them any longer" and there's "a thousand small obstacles building up to thwart them" living their lives, he says.

His no-nonsense approach attitude will see him appeal to left-behind-Londoners much like the 2019 Tories seized Labour's Red Wall, he claimed.

Korski added: "I'm speaking to the Red Wall of London, of people who are fed up… so frustrated with things not working, and are no longer convinced that just another politician can fix it."

And he told all about how his wife's diagnosis of a brain tumour transformed his outlook on life and made him want to run for Mayor to change things.

He revealed: "It was devastating for us.

"You're sitting there, whatever professional success you have, however many friends you've made, however nice your house is, staring at the terminal abyss.

"It taught us both a lot about how precious life is, and the philosophy of seizing it. If you think something needs doing, do it.

"I spent a lot of time looking after my wife in a way most people don't expect until they’re in their 80s.

"I had to give up everything to nurse her back.

"You can't always be the steward of life's ship."

Korski, who is up against barrister Moz Hossain and City Hall veteran, Susan Hall, vowed that his real life experience drumming up business, creating policy that works and even pulling pints made him Londoner everyone can relate to.

He said: "Londoners can relate to someone who can work hard, who wasn't born into success… I grafted… I pulled pints at Twickenham, sold ties at Harrods, and did a lot of unsavoury jobs to help me pay the rent.. Londoners respect that."

He vowed he was the one to give London its hope back, adding: "I am the politics of hope, aspiration, inspiration, that's what I'm trying to capture with this London dream – not the politics of negativity".

Korski backs plans to build more homes over and near tube lines, including another 100,000 in London's 'Docklands Arc' from Hackney to Canary Wharf by taking on the council.

And he said more larger homes are needed too – not just small studio flats, saying:"We have got to think of a bedroom target, not just a housing target.

"If we build in the wrong way, it will descend into chaos.

"I want to be the mayor for all of London, not just zone one like Sadiq has been."

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What the capital really needs is a businessman, not another lawyer-turned politician – to take on the city's problems, he insisted.

Khan, who has already ruled London for eight years, "isn't particularly interested in business", Korski said.

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He went on: "They don't feel they have a Mayor who champions them, backs them, who is excited about what they do. He wants their taxes but doesn't want to talk about them.

"Businesses in the city are going to find a great friend and ally (with me) that there has never been in City Hall."

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