Rod Stewart wont retire amid reports of children urging him to step back

Rod Stewart, 78, defiantly insisted “retiring isn’t in my blood” as he prepares to start an epic 40-date worldwide tour next week.

It had been reported that Rod’s eight children were “worried” and wanted him to focus on his “family and health”.

The singer, renowned for his energetic stage performances, overcame knee surgery in 2022 and battled prostate cancer in 2016 and thyroid cancer in 2000.

“I’m not retiring though. I couldn’t do that, it’s in my blood,” the rocker confirmed during an appearance on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio show this week.

“I’m moving on. I’ve made an album with Jools Holland, and it’s a swing album. I’m not retiring, I just want to give the rock ‘n’ roll a rest for a while. 

“Not that I’m tired, physically, of it. It’s just another challenge.”

Speaking about touring, Rod said: “I’ve never considered it a job. The only downside to it is when I’m away from all my kids…. and the downtime during the day, which I overcome. I take my railway equipment, my model railway stuff, and I have a project and I build it on the road.”

Rod is heading off on the road again next week with a mammoth tour that will take him to countries including Scotland, Canada and Brazil before ending on a glittering six-night run in Las Vegas.

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Rod’s tour is set to go on for the remainder of 2023, with a two-week residency in Las Vegas at the end, which will run from November 10 to November 22.

The hitmakers brood is said to have urged him to think about “retiring on his own terms now” so that he can spend time focusing on being a father and grandfather.

“[Rod’s children] are worried about him and want him to throw in the towel on music and retire on his own terms. 

“Their dad has devoted 50 years of his life to music and he has nothing left to prove to anyone,” the source told the Daily Mail.

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“With his health issues, and considering his age, several of Rod’s kids just think it is time for him to take a few years to focus on his health and his family – especially after the birth of his third grandbaby.”

In 2019 Rod revealed that he had beaten prostate cancer after a secret three-year battle against the illness.

This came two decades after he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Just a few months after he talked about his struggle with prostate cancer struggle, he then had to undergo an ankle fusion surgery and a full knee replacement after suffering from a sports injury.

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