Did Sophie tell Princess Charlotte to 'sit down' in video clip?

Royal fans think Sophie gave Princess Charlotte a telling off – but others are not convinced

  • Some think Sophie told Charlotte to ‘sit down’ in video clip – others disagree
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Royal watchers online are questioning whether the Duchess of Edinburgh told Princess Charlotte to ‘sit down’ during the Trooping the Colour celebrations today.

The video, which shows the two royals watching the parade, is only several seconds long.

It shows Charlotte and Sophie watching from a building, after arriving at Horse Guards Parade.

The clip follows the Wales children travelling to the Parade in a carriage with Queen Camilla and their mother the Princess of Wales.

However, neither of those two senior royals are in the clip, nor can Charlotte’s brothers Prince George or Prince Louis be seen. 

Royal watchers question whether the Duchess of Edinburgh told Princess Charlotte to ‘sit down’ during the Trooping the Colour celebrations

The video, which is only a few seconds long, shows Sophie and Charlotte watching the parade from the balcony

The clip appears to show the younger royal asking the duchess a question. The respond led many to believe that she was given a telling off

During the video, Charlotte can be seen leaning over and speaking to Sophie, though it is not clear what she said.

It appears as though the younger royal asks something, and then the Duchess responds. 

When Sophie then responds, a number of people believe she is telling the younger royal to sit down.

However, others believe the clip simply shows the warm connection between the family members.

Twitter users were divided over whether Sophie had been telling the younger royal to sit down, or whether they had enjoyed a more friendly interchange

Taking to Twitter, one royal watcher wrote: ‘You can tell they spend time together as families. Charlotte is utterly comfortable with Sophie.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Seems the duchess of Edinburgh has quite a close connection to the children lovely to see.’

And a third chimed in simply to say of the interchange between the royals: ‘Love it.’ 

However, a number of other Twitter users felt the older royal had snapped at the younger one.

One tweeter said: ‘Well she being told to sit down very sharply.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘Is Sophie telling Charlotte to sit down?’

According to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, who spoke to the Daily Star, Sophie did not tell the younger royal to sit down.

In fact, he says, Charlotte asked her aunt: ‘Sophie how long will it be?’

And then Sophie replied: ‘I think it’s now.’

Today marked the first Trooping the Colour following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September – and King Charles’ inaugural Birthday Parade. 

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