Two-week-old kitten and mum saved after being crushed in a recycling bin

A two-week-old kitten and her mum have made a miraculous recovery after being trapped and crushed in a recycling bin.

The female cat had crawled inside to give birth, but then became trapped and was stuck in the sweltering heat for several days.

The worried workers that found the helpless cats thought they’d just come across a container full of squashed cardboard – but suddenly heard meowing coming from the boxes.

As temperatures soared to 27C (80F), the RSPCA were called out and worked with employees from wholesalers Makro to get them out.

Firstly, they had to painstakingly remove tons of cardboard by hand until 8 pm at night on 30 May. Then, the team carried on the next day before they successfully plucked the pair to safety.

The moggy suddenly poked her head out of a hole in the orange mental bin looking for food.

The kitten – who weighed just 200g (7oz) – has been nicknamed Biff after the bizarre rescue on the Britonwood Trading Estate, Liverpool.

RSPCA inspector Vicki Brooks said: ‘It was the most extraordinary rescue I have taken part in, in 21 years with the RSPCA.

‘I don’t know how the cats managed to survive. There was tons of cardboard packed tightly up to the ceiling of the container and no room for them to move.’

She added, ‘It was incredibly hot and there would have been limited air.’

‘Mum had obviously not eaten for at least a couple of days and all the while she was trying to feed and care for her newborn kitten.

‘They could so easily have been crushed by falling cardboard or succumbed to the heat.’

Fellow inspector at the animal charity Joanne Macdonald also shared, ‘Only one kitten was heard or seen inside the container so we’re fairly sure there weren’t anymore.’

‘Mum had obviously snuck in when it wasn’t full in the hope of giving birth somewhere she thought was safe, warm and dry.’

‘But because the container is continuously being filled, her escape route became blocked.’

Thankfully the kittens were rescued and are now doing well.

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