Stassi Schroeder regrets blowing $40K to make OOTD a national holiday

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Stassi Schroeder doesn’t care if fans “come for [her]” over the “embarrassing” decision to blow $40,000 on a national holiday.

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum spent a sizable sum making June 30, 2018, “National OOTD Day” aka “National Outfit of the Day Day.”

“What a waste of money,” she told Alex Cooper on Wednesday’s episode of “Call Her Daddy.”

“Honestly, it’s so cringe,” she went on, explaining that you “don’t just get to own holidays” for free.

“It’s so embarrassing. I think it was like $40,000. I would not do it again. I would never just throw away that money to have a holiday.”

The “Next Level Basic” author, who frequently posted photos with the hashtag “#OOTD,” said she thought it would be a good branding move.

“I was just in business mode. Like, my book is coming out, I’m putting money into my career. That’s how I felt,” she recalled.

However, Schroeder didn’t realize her hefty fee only covered the day for one year.

“You own it for a year and I didn’t know that. So the next year came around and they were like, ‘Alright, you gotta pay for it again,’” she shared.

“I’m like, ‘You’re out of your f–king mind. This is a lifetime commitment you think I’m gonna spend every year?’”

She added, “I don’t care if people come for me because I deserve to be come for.”

Schroeder’s “National OOTD Day” celebration was documented in a January 2019 episode of her hit Bravo show.

“I had to find what this company was that does all these national holidays. And then they were like, ‘You have to get a website.’ So then, once they approved it, I’m a f–king holiday owner,” she said at the time.

“Lisa [Vanderpump] doesn’t even own a holiday.”

National Day Calendar is a company based in North Dakota which has been regulating a yearly schedule of traditional and nontraditional holidays since 2013.

Founder Marlo Anderson said the company gets about 20,000 annual applications but honors just 25 to 30 of them.

“Generally speaking, it’s something that they think has national relevance, something that a lot of people can participate in,” he told Slate in 2019.

“Those are probably a couple of the things that Stassi’s day reflected, because people can obviously put an outfit on and celebrate the day.”

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