Killer Stephen pines for Jenny amid bad news in Corrie

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) recently made it clear to Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) that while he’s with Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) there’d be no chance of them starting a relationship.

Stephen developed feelings for Jenny last year, but Leo stood in his way of starting something with her.

‘The simple panic was that Leo knew too much but it is all tied in with Jenny, it is so sickening that he killed her fiancé then moved in quite easily to adopt her as his love interest’, Todd Boyce told us.

‘And he wanted Teddy out of the way, either over in Canada or ultimately dead because Teddy was also starting to say things to Jenny about Leo’s disappearance.’

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Currently, Owen (Ben Hull) is being that thorn in Stephen’s side, as he is not only getting closer to Jenny, but is also planning on taking over Underworld completely and leave Stephen with nothing.

With his desperation for money always at the forefront of his mind, upcoming episodes will see Stephen transfer £480 from Underworld into a private account in the name of Seagull Ltd to pay the next instalment of Elaine’s life insurance policy.

As he glances wistfully at Jenny, Carla (Alison King) interrupts and says that Owen is demanding to see the company accounts.

With Stephen masking his anxiety, will Owen spot the suspicious transactions?

If so, what will he say?

‘He really does have feelings for Jenny and he even tells her that he would prefer to be with her than Elaine because they would be so much better together’, Todd added.

‘But she made it clear to him that whilst he was with Elaine there would be no chance for them. He realises that he probably shouldn’t have said that to her, so now he thinks he has to bide his time. But the last thing he needs is Owen moving in on Jenny, they could end up being together for years and he only sees Elaine as a short-term thing before he gets together with Jenny. He is with Elaine for the money and what he can get from that relationship.

‘He sees Jenny as the end goal, he has been insane about her from the moment they kissed.’

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