Man sets call girls' hair on fire on a Rio de Janeiro street

Frightening moment where a suspect calls Brazil sex workers to his car before spraying them with an aerosol and lighting it on fire, igniting a fireball in their faces

  • Beatriz Vilella and Gabrielle Victoria were set on fire in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night
  • The young women, who work as call girls, were called over to a vehicle when a man on the front passenger seat attacked them
  • Video footage of the incident shows the suspect flicking a lighter and spraying an aerosol can before Vilella’s and Victoria’s heads were briefly covered in fire 

A video captured the horrifying moment a suspect set two sex workers on fire on a street in Brazil.

Beatriz Vilella, 18, and her friend Gabrielle Victoria, were walking in the western Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Bangu when they were attacked on Saturday night.

The footage showed the driver filming a man sitting on the front passenger seat as he was slowing down on Brasil Avenue when the passenger flicked the lighter and sprayed the aerosol can.

A small fireball engulfed Vilella’s hair as she turned around and appeared to fall to the ground.

Rio de Janeiro sex worker Beatriz Vilella has her head briefly covered by a fireball after a man flicked a lighter and sprayed an aerosol can at her and a friend on Saturday night. Vilella’s hair was burned in the attack while her friend had to cut off one braid that was covered in flames

Beatriz Vilella (right) was walking with Gabrielle Victoria (left) when they were attacked on a Rio de Janeiro street on Saturday. Vilella said the suspects, who as of Tuesday have not been arrested, returned the day following the incident and offered them money to remain silent

The attacker subsequently pulled the can and lighter inside the vehicle as everyone laughed.

One of the occupants in the vehicle then said in Portuguese, ‘Very good, dear. Very good,’ before they flew the scene.

‘It burned me a little, but it’s okay,’ Vilella told Brazilian news outlet G1. ‘My hair is horrible; it burned all my hair.’

The fire spread to Victoria’s head and burned one of her braids, which she cut off.

Vilella revealed the suspects returned Sunday and tried to dissuade them from going to the police. They have not been caught.

‘They came back wanting to talk (and asked) me to get in the car and offered for us to be quiet, not say anything or got out (before the media) saying all that,’ she said.

Rio de Janeiro authorities are looking into a video in hopes of finding out the identity of a man (pictured) who set two sex workers on fire 

Beatriz Vilella looks inside the vehicle moments before her hair was deliberately set on fire

Vilella revealed it’s not the first time she’s been attacked as a sex worker – she had shots fired at her foot but was not injured

Victoria recalled she and Vilella were standing at a bus stop waiting for customers and saw the suspects come to a full stop prior to the attack.

She saw the driver and a person sitting in the front slide down their windows and initially thought they were going to seek their services before the group cursed them out.

Vilella, who once had shots fired at her foot but was not harmed, called on authorities to provide additional protection for sex workers.

‘We want justice, even more so in this LGBT world,’ she said.

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