I'm a fashion whizz – why leggings are tacky as anything when you travel… and please, girls, avoid sliders | The Sun

LEGGINGS are the Marmite of the fashion world. 

You either love them or hate them. 

But when it comes to looking fashionable at the airport, they’re the last thing that you should be wearing. 

Fashion bible Vogue declared the 2010s the decade of leggings but also the worst trend of the era. 

But despite fashion's finest deeming the look out of favour, people still can’t seem to get enough of leggings especially at their airport.

So if you’re looking to rake in likes for your #airportoutfit it's best to ditch the Lycra or see-through cotton bottoms.

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But they’re not the only thing that should be left at the back of your wardrobe this summer.

Here, Fabulous’ fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what you shouldn’t wear when you travel this summer. 


A quick Google search of “socks and sliders” will bring you to a page flooded with pictures of Justin Bieber, not stylish outfits of women looking chic. 

Just wear your trainers instead.

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They are just as comfortable and go with everything – and you can wear your socks with them without looking like a dishevelled, male pop-star. 


Not to be confused with a dupe which is an affordable alternative to a designer item, but a knock off just screams tacky. 

Turning up to the airport for your RyanAir flight with a Dolice & Gabana bag and or Kirstian Dior tracksuit says you don’t know your fashion brands, and that you’re trying too hard. 


I get it, trying to keep your luggage weight down by wearing most of your holiday gear is a great hack, but wearing your sunglasses indoors isn’t going to shift the kilos like the 20 outfits would that you’ve packed for 7 days. 

Airports are dimly lit and you’re not famous so there is no need to wear them. 


Be it girls holiday vests or hen party matching T-shirts, it's time to put the coordinating outfits trend to bed. 

It’s become one of those nineties trends that not even the millennial's are bringing back and is a bit naff now. 

Think The Inbetweeners and those pink T-shirts.

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