Coronation Street affair finally rumbled as Sarah confesses Damon fling to Adam

After weeks of sneaking around behind his back, it appears guilt had finally caught up with Coronation Street factory worker Sarah Platt, as she admitted the truth about her affair to husband Adam Barlow.

As regular viewers know, Sarah has been engaged in a steamy affair with reformed criminal Damon Hay and was finally caught out on Thursday’s episode by her young son Harry who stumbled upon the pair engaged in a passionate kiss.

Eager to cover her tracks, Sarah tried to convince Harry that he hadn’t seen what he thought he had, something many fans were quick to condemn on social media. However it appears her plans weren’t successful either, as on Friday, Harry blurted out how he “didn’t want a new dad” while speaking to Adam.

Shocked by the outburst, Sarah attempted to smooth things over, as a suspicious Adam quizzed her about what was really going on. However, as Sarah tried to convince Adam that Harry’s remark was meaningless, she soon admitted to Harry that she did kiss Damon after all, but would be grateful if her son would keep her secret.

Distraught by the deception, Harry declared to Adam that Sarah was a liar as he tearfully yelled that he hated her. Shaking like a leaf, Sarah then confessed to Adam that she’d slept with Damon – something which understandably, did not sit will with her husband.

As Sarah attempted to salvage her relationship by insisting it meant nothing, an incensed Adam would hear none of it and soon set off to confront Damon face to face after declaring how he was “going to kill him.” Unfortunately, it was that hot headed reaction that lead Adam to storm the Bisto during its opening night with a late license.

In the middle of a public scene, a fuming Adam publicly announced that co-owner Damon had been sleeping with his wife! As the guests soon turned their attention to a humiliated Sarah, Adam seized the opportunity to lunge at Damon as chaos unfolded before everyone’s eyes.

Meanwhile outside the Bistro, a devastated Sarah tried to end things with Damon as she branded their affair a “fling” and nothing more, before boldly declaring it was Adam that truly captured her heart.

It wasn’t just Sarah feeling the fallout from her infidelity either, as it soon emerged that Dee-Dee had known about the affair all along, prompting Adam to sack her on the spot! Unwilling to try and work things out with Sarah, Adam soon returned home, before casting aside his wedding ring and leaving once and for all.

Fans at home were quick to share their thoughts on the split, as they took to social media to air their views.

One fan wrote: “I feel sorry for Adam, he deserves better than Sarah…”

Another soon added: “I have zero sympathy for Sarah! She gas lite her little boy and told him to lie and hurt Adam but cheating on him! He really does deserve better.”

Before a third commented: “Adam does not deserve what is happening & poor Harry. Sarah really through a spanner in the works.”

A fourth then weighed in by writing: "Sarah deserves everything that is coming for her. The fact she gets pregnant off Damon later down the line is even more of a kick in the gut for Adam. I feel the most for Harry in all of this . Sarah trying to manipulate him to save her own skin was disgusting.”

Coronation Street continued Mon, Weds & Friday at 8pm on ITV and ITVX


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