Vanderpump Rules Fans Have THOUGHTS On Raquel Leviss’ Reunion Bombshell!

Vanderpump Rules fans have A LOT to say about the reunion bombshell Raquel Leviss dropped on Wednesday night!

Producers teased an explosive twist ages ago, so while waiting for the final episode, fans have been throwing out some wild theories about what it could have been for weeks now. We’ve heard everything from Raquel being pregnant with Sandoval’s child to Lisa Vanderpump knowing about the affair all along, and more. Well, now we finally got our answer.

Raquel popped on our screens for the last five minutes of the episode to finally tell the truth about the timeline of her affair with Tom Sandoval. She confessed their relationship had been going on for longer than they made it seem, confirming whispers that they hooked up multiple times during Scheana Shay’s wedding in Mexico last August. No, it did not just start as a one-night stand between them! They’ve been together from the get go! They even hooked up at his and Ariana Madix’s house while she was away for her grandmother’s funeral. And perhaps, the most shocking part about her confession was that she proposed that she, Ariana, and Sandoval become a throuple. Wow. Again, why she would even think that would happen after betraying her best friend for months by sleeping with her longtime boyfriend is just mind-boggling.

So what did viewers think about the shocking finale reveal? It seemed the episode got some mixed reactions — with a good amount of people being disappointed by what was shared. Some fans wrote on Twitter:

“So basically what I’m getting from this is that after the reunion Tom probably pulled away from Raquel. She called up production and was like I’m ready to be honest. And blew his s**t up. #PumpRules”

“The big reveal is that they f**ked at Scheana’s wedding and in the house… holy s**t the producer that hyped this up is a f**king clown and we’ve been played #PumpRules”

“The reveal was quite underwhelming. I mean how much worse could it get. I’m ready for it to die down now. #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion.”

“So the ‘big reveal’ was that Raquel admitted to hooking up with Sandoval more than once? Girl that’s not some huge reveal. It was so OBVIOUS that they did. I was expecting something more scandalous but I guess. #pumprulesreunion.”

“Me looking for the big reveal they promised. We been knew Tom and Rachel were hooking up before the timeline they practiced”

“that big reveal was trash it was basically what everyone predicted but idk why that would make the cast hesitant to sign contracts when i think even the cast knew the timeline was lied about”

Yeah, this is why you always undersell and overdeliver. You promise a bombshell, no one is ever going to be happy with just confirmation of rumors.

However, some people did acknowledge Raquel’s reveal was a big deal! Many pointed out on social media how they were shocked the 28-year-old came forward and told the truth after she and Sandoval had kept lying at the reunion about what happened:

“I’m not baffled they did this i’m baffled she’s coming out and saying it #pumprules”

“For me the reveal wasn’t so much of what Raquel told us, it was the fact that she betrayed Tom’s storyline to tell us. #PumpRules”

“The big reveal from my perspective is: they were still lying at the reunion. Tom was coaching/controlling Raquel on what to say even though he came out putting on a performance about being truthful. While Raquel got slaughtered, she had to keep more of Tom’s secrets”

“The reveal was nothing we didn’t already know. The biggest surprise was that #Raquel turned on #Sandoval and exposed the lies he was continuing to tell. And we all knew he was manipulating but damn! It was worse than we thought”

“The #pumprules reveal wasn’t juicy but it was revealing. Sandoval forced Rachel to lie on the #pumprulesreunion bc he thought it would come off better if the story was they had sex once instead of repeatedly for months. He is really terrifyingly narcissistic & obsessed with image”

“The reveal is not the timeline of events. The reveal is that Tom Sandoval was manipulating Rachel behind the scene to her obvious detriment while she bared perhaps the cruelest treatment from the cast. #PumpRules”

One person mostly just couldn’t believe Raquel actually showed emotion on the episode:

“The reveal is definitely something we’ve heard. The most shocking thing was Rachel showing emotion. #PumpRules”

And of course, others were stuck on the fact the former pageant contestant thought she could enter into a throuple with Sandoval and Ariana following her betrayal:

“i can’t believe the big reveal is that raquel thought she could just be in a throuple with tom and ariana #PumpRules.”

“The big shock for me in the last 5 minutes was Raquel admitting she asked about being in a throuple and then doubling down on that not seeming far fetched…I AM SOOO SORRY WHAT?!?? LIKE GIRRL…”

“Raquel thought they could be a throuple. I am at a loss. #PumpRules”

“I don’t know how to get past Rachel boning Scumdoval in Ariana’s house WHILE SHE WAS AT HER GRANDMOTHER’S FUNERAL and then thinking maybe Ariana would be down with the 3 of them becoming a throuple #PumpRules #pumprulesreunion”

It’s definitely a lot of mixed feelings from everyone. But there’s one thing people cannot deny about this show: Scandoval has gone down as one of the greatest moments in reality TV history — even if you thought the grand finale was underwhelming! But what are your thoughts on Raquel’s reveal? Are you sad this season of VPR is over? Let us know in the comments below!

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