Ariana Grande sparks concern as fans claim she looks unrecognizable in new TikTok after beauty change and weight loss | The Sun

ARIANA Grande has gotten the internet buzzing with theories after she pops up on social media looking vastly different.

The 29-year-old pop star's appearance in her new TikTok video had fans baffled and concerned for her health.

Ariana partnered with the cosmetic brand R.E.M. Beauty for the new social media clip.

The snippet captured her using R.E.M. Beauty's At the Borderline Eyeliner Marker to create her signature winged eyeliner look.

Ariana appeared to film the TikTok from the comfort of her home, wearing a spaghetti-strapped tank top in part of the clip and a white hoodie in the other portion.

Since her hair was in a ponytail, all of her neck and facial features were visible.

The former Voice coach looked noticeably paler and even more petite than normal.

Not to mention her famed thick dark brunette hair and eyebrows were colored a honey blonde.

Ariana seemingly blamed her drastic change on her new makeup routine in her TikTok caption.

"Who else knows the feeling? makeup makes all the difference… but we’ll never get enough of #attheborderline eyeliner marker or lip pencil," she wrote.

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Fans, however, attributed her altered look to something else, sharing their conspiracies in a thread on Twitter.

“Someone said she looks AI generated," one fan commented.

Another person added: “Every time I see pictures of this woman, she looks different.”

A third person remarked: “Used to look good … ”

Among the shady critics were fans who welcomed Ariana's adjustment.

“If you’re a true Arianator you know how much this means that she’s comfortable showing us her front side of her face, like ever since positions she’s just been on this journey and it’s beautiful,” one person wrote.

Another added that she was a princess.


Ariana recently addressed all the chatter surrounding her newfound aesthetic in a TikTok she posted in April.

“I just wanted to address your concerns about my body and talk a little bit about what it means to be a person with a body and to be seen and to be paid such close attention to,” she explained in the clip.

Ariana added: “I think we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies, no matter what.

"There are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful. I know personally, for me, the body that you’ve been comparing my current body to was the unhealthiest version of my body.

I was on a lot of antidepressants, and drinking on them, and eating poorly, and at the lowest point of my life when I looked the way you consider my healthy.

"But that, in fact, wasn’t my healthy.

"I guess I just wanted to extend some love your way and tell you that you’re beautiful, no matter what phase you’re in.

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“No matter what you’re going through, no matter what weight, how you like to do your makeup these days, no matter what cosmetic procedures you’ve had or not, or anything.

I just think you’re beautiful and wanted to share some feelings.”

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