Anna Sorokin owes her lawyer over $150,000 and is launching a podcast

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One things scammers will do is continue to scam. Anna (Delvey) Sorokin got out of jail/detention in October, moved into an East Village apartment, and promptly started giving interviews to the likes of CNN and The New York Times. Then she started making seemingly legit money moves and socializing with NYC’s downtown “elite” from the comfort of house arrest. But apparently she hasn’t been paying her bills. She owes her lawyer over $150,000.

Convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin — who was also known as Anna Delvey — reportedly owes her disbarred lawyer more than $152,000.

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit claims that not only does Sorokin owe Audrey A. Thomas the reported amount, but she also made false allegations against her former attorney in order not to pay.

After Sorokin was convicted of eight felony charges in 2019 for posing as a German heiress and scamming $200,000 from New York City socialites, she hired Thomas in 2020 to represent her.

Following her conviction, she was sentenced to prison for four to 12 years by a judge who claimed to be “stunned by the depth of [her] deception.”

Two years into her prison sentence, she was released on good behavior — only to be detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement six weeks later for overstaying her visa.

She was released on bond and is now on house arrest as she awaits the court’s decision for her to stay in the country, the New York Times reported.

Since firing Thomas in April 2022, Sorokin filed a lawsuit accusing the one-time attorney of withholding records in her immigration and criminal case, according to the New York Post.

The outlet reported that Sorokin “was able to remain in the United States because while she was taken to the airport and literally sitting in the gate area with her belongings in garbage bags, [Thomas] filed a writ and secured a stay from deportation removal,” claims the lawsuit Sorokin filed.

However, Sorokin allegedly owes Thomas “astronomical legal fees,” per the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, cited by the New York Post.

Thomas was disbarred in November for allegedly robbing an elderly client, which the Manhattan Supreme Court filing states, per the outlet, “The disbarment… does not negate the balance that the defendant owes.”

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This is the lawyer that Anna hired in 2020, that likely represented her for early release from jail for good behavior and definitely prevented her deportation back to Germany after she got out. Apparently Anna preemptively filed a lawsuit against the lawyer, citing wrongdoing, so she could get out of paying her legal bills. This lawyer is not a good person either — she was disbarred last year for allegedly robbing an elderly client and makes the point that despite the disbarment Anna still owes her money. I mean, that’s true, but I don’t feel that bad for her, she robbed an elderly client and then got fleeced by Anna. But of course Anna is still up to her tricks. What did anyone expect when she got out of jail and got to stay in NY? At this point, unfortunately, most of Anna’s antics are met with a shrug and an eyeroll. For example, she’s starting a podcast called “The Anna Delvey Show” (shrug, eyeroll) “that will question traditional notions of what’s right and wrong,” the “concept of rules,” and “talking to people who break them” (shrug, eyeroll), like Julia Fox and Emily Ratajkowski (of course, shrug, eyeroll).

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